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Undo years of aging, neglect and wrinkles. That’s the effect of botulinum toxin. By understanding and appreciating how facial muscles work to cause lines and furrows, our doctor will be able to effectively and safely give you a younger, natural-looking appearance.

Facial lines are created when we try to express ourselves using different facial muscle groups. As we age, the skin on our face will develop more wrinkles as the underlying collagen support diminishes. The epidermis and dermis start to crinkle more easily and like a piece of paper that is repeatedly folded, the lines will become deeper. Initially, you may notice the deepening of facial lines of expression, giving an older appearance. These are known as dynamic wrinkles. Eventually, the wrinkles will be apparent even when we are not trying to express ourselves, giving rise to static wrinkles. Wrinkles make us appear older, more tired and fiercer than we are.

The solution to this is simple: relax the muscles responsible for the wrinkles, and the lines will naturally become less obvious. With a few appropriately applied micro-injections done on numbed areas, the wrinkles can be smoothed to give a younger appearance. Our treatments typically last 3 to 6 months, so it is important to return for regular sessions to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Botulinum Toxin works by inactivating the facial muscles that are causing unwanted wrinkles. The key to creating a natural result, is to use the an optimum dose. This will avoid a “frozen” look.

Upper face
The usual areas that can be treated include the forehead horizontal lines (frontalis muscle), the corrugators/procerus vertical lines between the eyebrows (also known as the glabellar) that give us a fierce or worried look; the bunny lines on the nose when we try to crinkle our noses and also the crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes.

Lower face
Often we also get requests to treat the wrinkled appearance of the chin. In other instances, we may notice a gradual down-turning of the corner of the mouth, giving a sad look. These concerns can also be addressed with botulinum toxin.

Commonly seen in caucasian skin types, but less so in Asians, the lips may also start to appear wrinkled, especially when trying to make the “oooo” sound, whistling or when placing a cigarette or straw to the lips.

There is very little risk to our anti-wrinkle treatments and no down-time, so you can pop into our clinic for a quick treatment session and be on your way to that important meeting or dinner function, looking your very best.

Botulinum toxin FAQ’s


Is botulinum toxin safe?
There are currently two brands available in Singapore, which have received US FDA and Singapore HSA approval for aesthetic use. They are high quality products, made by reputable companies with a long history in the market and trusted by doctors the world over. World-wide, the number of botulinum toxin procedures number in the tens of millions, over more than ten years. We are very confident that the botulinum toxin procedure is both safe, reliable and in line with the most stringent international standards.

How long can I expect results to last?
Depending on the area of treatment and the lifestyle and skin condition of the patient, botulinum toxin can last from 3 to 6 months on average; longer than your perm or hair highlight.

What are the three brands currently approved for use in Singapore?
Botox by Allergan, Dysport by Ipsen and Xeomin by Merz.

I hear horror stories regarding botulinum toxin results, is that true?
While there are the occasional less-than-ideal occurence from botulinum toxin procedures, the vast majority of patients are very very satisfied with botulinum toxin outcomes. As botulinum toxin should be injected by trained medical doctors with relevant experience, be careful about who you choose to get botulinum toxin from: skills and product quality are both equally important. Beware of imitations. Go to a reliable clinic with a good reputation.

Is it painful to get botulinum toxin injections?
We use the smallest and highest quality needles to minimize any discomfort associated with this procedure. In addition, our gentle and attentive service have made the injections a pleasant experience. On request, we can also apply a numbing cream for 30 minutes pre-treatment.

Can I get back to work immediately post botulinum toxin?
Yes! Most of our patients are back at work or social functions right away, looking their best.

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*Due to MOH guidelines in Singapore, accredited medical clinics are not allowed to show before and after photos on websites and marketing materials. We apologize for that. We would be delighted to showcase our photographs and actual results during the consultation in our clinic.