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Vaser – Ultrasound Fat Removal

Vaser is a revolutionary ultrasound technology that uses ultrasound energy to gently break down or melt unwanted fatty tissues beneath the skin. Through a few tiny access points (2 to 3mm opening in the skin) strategically located and hidden on the body, we are able to safely and gently reach the unwanted fat compartment. In doing so, the fatty tissues resistant to diet and exercise are effectively removed whilst preserving surrounding blood vessels, nerves and supporting tissues. This means:

• Enhanced safety for the patient
• Reduced operating times, leading to greater safety, cost effectiveness
• Minimal bleeding
• Minimal bruising, pain and swelling
• More effective removal of fatty tissue
• Shorter recovery times
• Greater patient satisfaction in terms of sculpting, contouring and fat removal


Is Vaser at Freia safe?

We are one of the few institutions that have earned the Ministry of Health of Singapore’s accreditation and this stamp of endorsement is based on our training and experience, clinic facilities, safety record and most importantly, patient feedback. Our doctor and staff are fully trained to ensure the smooth and safe outcome for our Vaser patients.

Is Vaser at Freia Painful?

Vaser liposelection is considered as a surgical procedure, but it is also known to be very gentle on the patient. As such, most patient do not feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. The patient is given a sedative. In addition, the area to be treated is first infused with a numbing agent to further minimise discomfort. Most patients are asleep while the doctor and his team gently and carefully get to work, creating that highly desirable and sculpted body contour. Post-op, most patients will experience some aching discomfort and they are prescribed painkillers for that reason.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the area of concern, it normally takes between 1 hour (e.g. double chin) to 4 hours (both thighs)

How long is the recovery period?

This would depend on the area treated and the nature of the patient’s work and social requirements. Patients are normally given 3 days of medical leave and 2 weeks of light duty. They can gradually return to their normal social and daily activities, including exercise, after 2 weeks.

Are there any risks associated with Vaser?

As with all surgical procedures, there are inherent risks when Vaser is performed. These range from minor side effects such as infection, bleeding, excessive scarring to very serious but thankfully very rare complications. These are greatly minimised by the following factors:
• Patient selection and careful pre-operative screening
• Never packing our surgical list to the point our efficiency and patient safety drops
• Consistently updating our doctor and staff with the latest skills and protocols for the benefit of our patients
• Ensure strict compliance with international and national standards in terms of patient care, facilities management, sterility and equipment maintenance

Are there any side effects of Vaser?

There are no side effects of the procedure, but there are certain risks including infection, excessive bleeding, pain and bruising. There have been internationally documented serious complications that are thankfully very rare. These are minimised when it is performed by an experienced doctor, supported by well-trained staff in a well-equipped centre.

Will there be scars after Vaser?

The access points measuring 2 to 3 mm that help us reach the fatty areas will be sited in skin folds, greatly aiding recovery of the access points. In addition, the access points are usually placed in well-hidden areas. They become very inconspicuous within a few weeks, and even experts struggle to find the scars after a few months. Unless a patient is prone to keloids or poor wound healing of skin, it is unlikely that there will be permanent scars after Vaser.

Will the fat go to another area of my body after removal by Vaser?

The fat that is removed during Vaser treatment will not migrate to another area. There is no scientific basis for such a claim.

How long before I see the difference after Vaser?

You will immediately notice post-op that the treated area is slimmer than before, but the final result will be obscured by some swelling and bruising, This normally takes 2 weeks to resolve. Based on our experience, you will enjoy the final optimal result after 2 to 3 months.

Will the fat recur in the same area?

It is theoretically possible that the fat may recur if there is no effort to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle through sensible diet and exercise. As such, we always advise our patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle as part of the maintenance process.

Are the results long lasting?

There are a few variables that may determine how long your Vaser-sculpted body will maintain that way:

• Gaining weight due to neglect of exercise/diet
• Over-eating
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Unhealthy lifestyle/habits: lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle
• Pregnancy

In our experience, for patients who are motivated to keep a healthy sensible lifestyle, our results are long lasting. 5 to 10 years is not impossible to achieve in most cases.

What should I do if I am interested to find out more about Vaser?

Call us at +65 6735 8180 and arrange to see our doctor for a detailed assessment and consultation. As a general guide, candidates should be in good general health, have a body mass index of less than 28 and should be leading a healthy lifestyle.

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