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Vaser Liposelection – Pre-Operative Instructions

Congratulations on your decision to undergo Vaser Liposelection at Freia as a means to enhance your body shape and achieve effective body sculpting. Here are a few important pointers of what you should do leading up to your procedure date.

  1. Stop all supplemental vitamins, herbal remedies, aspirin-related pain killers and any other blood-thinning medications 1 week before the surgery date. This is to ensure that you do not subject yourself to unnecessary risks of increased bleeding during the procedure. If you are on daily/chronic medication eg. for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, etc, do inform our doctor/staff to ascertain that you can continue with your regular medication.
  2. For optimal wound healing, smoking must be avoided 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after Vaser Liposelection.
  3. Do not consume alcohol at least 24 hours before Vaser Liposelection.
  4. You must be fasted at least 6 hours before Vaser Liposelection. Sips of water is allowed.
  5. Do not wear make-up or jewellery on the operation day.
  6. You should wear loose-fitting clothing (preferably dark-coloured elastic track pants and loose button-on shirts/blouses) .
  7. Please be punctual and show up at the appointed time to avoid delays or cancellation.
  8. Do not drive. Arrange for a responsible adult who will be able to accompany you home after Vaser Liposelection.
  9. Remember to return for your follow-up appointments as this is very important in achieving an optimum result.

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