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Hairmax Professional Laserband

The US FDA approved Hairmax laserband is an improvement of the popular Hairmax laser comb. The laserband is curved like a hairband for ease and speed of treatment. It has 82 medical grade lasers to stimulate hair growth and promote scalp health. Its main advantage is the patented comb-like teeth on the outer edge. These teeth help to spread the hair follicles so that maximum laser light energy can reach the scalp and follicle roots. You simply “comb” the laserband starting at the front of your hairline. A vibration prompts you to move every 10 seconds and you work your way to the back of the scalp. It takes only 3 minutes to complete 1 treatment. It can be used on damp or dry hair. 

You should use the Hairmax laserband on alternate days for the best results. Using it more often does not improve the results. It is wireless, so you have the freedom to use it anywhere you like. It is best used for mild to moderate hair loss, or in combination with other treatments that our doctor will recommend. But speak to our staff or doctor to find out if you are suitable for this treatment.


The iGrow laser helmet is another low level laser device to treat hair loss. For patients with mild to moderate hair loss, this is a cost effective, convenient handsfree treatment that can be used in the comfort of your own home or office.

iGrow laser therapy (laser hair treatment) has 51 proprietary dual laser light and LED design. A study published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, the iGrow improved hair growth in men by up to 35% and up to 37% in women suffering from androgenetic alopecia. It is used 3 times a week, 20 minutes each time for at least 6 months. Both men and women can benefit, be it for maintenance of hair volume, or to stimulate hair growth.

Which should I use? iGrow or Hairmax? The choice is entirely up to you!

Very often, our patients ask what is the difference between the iGrow and the Hairmax laser comb. They are both low level hair laser devices designed to stimulate hair growth and are high quality products with FDA endorsement. The main difference is that the iGrow is a hands-free device but it is slightly bulkier, takes 20 minutes per treatment session and you need to plug the device into a power source. 

The Hairmax laserband is wireless, compact and easier to bring on overseas trips. It takes a shorter time of 3 minutes per session versus 20 minutes with iGrow helmet. They are both just as effective as long as you use them as prescribed. 

Viviscal Professional Oral supplements

Viviscal Professional hair supplement is an oral supplement designed to help men and women with thinning hair, without the side effects sometimes experienced with the more traditional forms of hair loss treatments.

Used on its own or in combination with our other treatment options, Viviscal helps to boost hair growth to achieve thicker, fuller more luscious hair in as little as 3 to 6 months.

Viviscal was first developed in the 1980s in Scandinavia and a clinical studies proving its efficacy was published in 1992 in the Journal for International Medical Research. Since then, numerous international clinical studies have been conducted to demonstrate efficacy and safety of Viviscal hair supplements.

Viviscal contains the proprietary marine complex AminoMar C, unique only to Viviscal supplements. The Viviscal professional series also has Biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacinamide (vitamin B3), L-cystein and L-methionine amino acids. These all have a role in healthy hair metabolism.

FAQs (Viviscal)

Are Viviscal Professional supplements suitable for men and women?
Yes. Viviscal Professional can be used by both men and women.

Is Viviscal Professional only suitable for those with thinning hair?
It is for anyone who wants to maintain their hair volume and quality and not just those with thinning hair.

What is the recommended daily intake for Viviscal Professional?
Take two tablets daily for a minimum of three to six months (one in the morning and one in the evening, best taken after food). Thereafter, to maintain healthy hair growth, take one to two tablets daily as recommended by your doctor.

How long will it take to see results?
Viviscal Professional works best over a six-month period to achieve stronger, fuller, healthier hair. However, most users notice a difference after three to four months.

What will happen if I stop taking Viviscal Professional?
If you stop taking the product, the benefits you have experienced will diminish over time, back to where your hair was programmed to be as the hair growth cycle continues. If you do not take the recommended full six month programme, you will not experience the full benefits of Viviscal Professional.

Are there any negative side effects associated with Viviscal Professional?
To date, Viviscal Professional does not have any reported side effects from physicians. No side effects were recorded in world-wide clinical studies.

Who should not take Viviscal Professional supplements?
Viviscal Professional is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, who is allergic to shellfish or seafood. There are no safety studies for consumption in pregnant or nursing women.

Will Viviscal Professional supplements interfere with medication?
It should not interfere with most medication. If in doubt, check with your doctor before starting any supplement programme.

What is the source of the marine protein complex in Viviscal Professional?
The AminoMar C composition is derived from marine proteins. It is proprietary to Viviscal Professional. 

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