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Botolinum Toxin

Botolinum Toxin is the gold standard to reduce unwanted facial wrinkles, slim broad jaws and little known to many, calf reduction and control excessive sweating.

Facial lines are created when we try to express ourselves using different facial muscle groups. As we age, the skin on our face will develop more wrinkles as the underlying collagen support diminishes. The epidermis and dermis start to crinkle more easily and like a piece of paper that is repeatedly folded, the lines will become deeper. Initially, you may notice the deepening of facial lines of expression, giving an older or more angry appearance. These are known as dynamic wrinkles. Eventually, the wrinkles will be apparent even when we are not trying to express ourselves, giving rise to static wrinkles. Wrinkles make us appear older, more tired and fiercer than we are. 

Botolinum Toxin also helps in jaw slimming. When you get a Botolinum Toxin jaw reduction treatment in Singapore, your jaw muscles will become weaker over time, resulting in a slimmer, more sculpted jawline.


Botolinum Toxin is actually the registered brand name of a specific purified botulinum neurotoxin produced by Allegran. There are currently three FDA-approved neuromodulators available in the market--- Botolinum Toxin, Dysport, and Xeomin, with Botolinum Toxin being the pioneer brand. It works by blocking nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected. When these nerve signals are interrupted, muscular contractions are prevented and the affected muscles are temporarily weakened, paralyzed or frozen.

Botolinum Toxin only works as anti-wrinkle microinjections against wrinkles on “crease points” caused by muscular movements. These are otherwise known as dynamic wrinkles, and are often referred to as "expression lines."

The most common dynamic wrinkles that Botolinum Toxin injection in Singapore can treat are lines on the upper face, such as the "11" between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow's feet around the eyes. These lines are caused by smiling, frowning, squinting, and other facial expressions, often becoming more pronounced with age. With a few appropriately applied micro-injections done on numbed areas, the wrinkles can be minimized or completely erased.

When Botolinum Toxin was first introduced for cosmetic purposes more than 15 years ago in 2002, it took the world by storm as the elixir of eternal youth. However, as more and more expression-less “frozen faces” emerged from inappropriate administration and misuse, apprehension prevails especially for first timers. While Botolinum Toxin is an excellent tool with amazing results to boot, undesirable tell-tale signs are aplenty in the hands of an inexperienced or overzealous injector. At Freia Medical, our trained physicians aim to create natural-looking results with individualized or customized doses to suit your specific needs, giving you a refreshed and age-appropriately youthful appearance without the dreaded paucity of facial expressions. Used correctly, Botolinum Toxin is a great tool to create a fresh, not frozen look.


As time goes by, the use of Botolinum Toxin has branched out to make it a Swiss army knife of sort for injectable procedures, and this powerful neuromodulator can actually do much more. Notably, Botolinum Toxin Square Jaw had gained a strong fan base with the unique role it of shrinking down enlarged masseter or jaw muscles to help achieve the highly coveted ‘V-Line Face’. For added facial contouring prowess when desired, Botolinum Toxin V-Lift or a jaw Botolinum Toxin can relax the mentalis muscle that sits over the chin and help reduce the strong downward pull of the neck muscles on the lower face to give a subtle lift for a more youthful-looking profile.


Bulky calves can now be shaped without surgery, simply by the correct use of Botulinum Toxin on the appropriate muscle groups in the lower leg. As an alternative to painful and costly surgical reduction of the calves, Botulinum Toxin can be injected painlessly into the gastrocnemus or calf muscle to shrink the muscle bulk to aesthetically pleasing proportions. There is no recovery time associated with this procedure and most patients are able to return to normal activity, including walking, almost immediately.


Medically known as Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can be effectively treated with Botolinum Toxin microinjections to the affected area(s) to cull the potential social embarrassment associated with it. Instead of paralyzing moving muscles to iron out lines, Botolinum Toxin works on the glandular muscles that control sweat secretion to tackle localized profuse sweating. Commonly requested for excessive underarm perspiration, this treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete and pain is virtually negligible especially when topical anaesthetic cream is used for numbing prior to the Botolinum Toxin microinjections. The drying effects can be seen as early as a week or two post treatment, lasting for a good six months, and works equally well for sweaty palms, soles and scalp.


Is botulinum toxin safe?
They are high quality products, made by reputable companies with a long history in the market and trusted by doctors the world over. World-wide, the number of botulinum toxin procedures number in the tens of millions, over more than ten years. We are very confident that the botulinum toxin procedure is both safe, reliable and in line with the most stringent international standards.

How long can I expect results to last?
Depending on the area of treatment and the lifestyle and skin condition of the patient, botulinum toxin can last from 4 to 6 months on average; longer than your perm or hair highlight.

What are the three brands currently approved for use in Singapore?
Botolinum Toxin by Allergan, Dysport by Ipsen and Xeomin by Merz.

I hear horror stories regarding botulinum toxin results, is that true?
While there are the occasional less-than-ideal occurrence from botulinum toxin procedures, the vast majority of patients are very satisfied with botulinum toxin outcomes. As botulinum toxin should be injected by trained medical doctors with relevant experience, be careful about who you choose to get botulinum toxin from: skills and product quality are both equally important.

Drawing parallels from a good haircut, if you find a doctor fraom a reputable Botolinum Toxin clinic in Singapore that give you the results you desire, stick to him to minimize the chance of “Botolinum Toxin gone wrong”.

Is it painful to get botulinum toxin injections?
We use the smallest gauge needles to minimize any discomfort associated with this procedure. In addition, numbing cream, ice packs and a vibratory device can be used to maximize comfort. Our gentle and attentive service have made the aesthetics treatment an exceedingly bearable and pleasant experience.

Can I get back to work immediately post botulinum toxin? Yes! Botolinum Toxin does not interrupt your activities of daily living and most of our patients are back at work or social functions right away.

Are wrinkles making you look older than you really are?

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