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From refining skin texture to enhanced clarity and better skin tone, low level energy light therapy seems to have it all covered without the expense, possible downtime and safety concerns of lasers. Unlike surgical and aesthetic lasers, low level energy lights do not heat up the targeted tissue. Instead, they emit low levels of light energies that are can be absorbed by our skin cells to help increased cellular energy production and ultimately help heal surrounding skin tissue.

A useful analogy is to compare this process to photosynthesis, whereby sunlight is absorbed and converted to fuel by green plants to promote growth. By far the mildest form of light therapy, Light Emitting Diode or LED is completely pain free, positioning itself as an obvious alternative or precursor to heftier treatments such as lasers. There is a myriad of colours in the light spectrum, and different color lights with differing wavelengths can be utilized to address different skin conditions in a safe and effective way. 


LED RED is first discovered in the 70’s when scientists at NASA found that plant growth flourished when exposed to it. Since then, it had found its way to dermatologists for a variety of skin conditions including aging skin, vitiligo and psoriasis, and about anywhere else that promises a skin reboot. LED RED light therapy is predominately used for its anti-aging benefits because of its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. By utilizing red light at a wavelength of 633nm, LED RED works by activating new collagen formation while lessening the breakdown of existing collagen stores via a process known as photobiomodulation. It is particularly useful for healing blemishes, repairing sun damage, fading scars and improving overall skin tone. With regular use, one will start to appreciate smoother and brighter looking skin with reduced pore size over time. In addition, LED RED light therapy is also known to reduce inflammation and promote skin healing. It has an extraordinary calming effect on dry, sensitive skins, making it a useful adjunct for treating recurring, chronic skin conditions such as rosacea flare-ups and allergic skin reactions. 


LED YELLOW light therapy at a wavelength of 830nm is well known for its remarkable calming and soothing effects on sensitive skins. With the ability to promote skin healing and rejuvenation, it is little wonder that LED YELLOW light therapy is often engaged in Medical Aesthetics to shorten the downtime and hasten the recovery of post-lasered skin. Likewise, it effectively reduces any redness, swelling or bumpiness associated with non-invasive cosmetics treatments such as injectable dermal facial fillers, PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotides) microinjections and threadlifts. By helping to flush out waste from the skin to boost lymphatic flow for increase cellular growth, LED YELLOW is often combined with LED RED light therapy to boost anti-aging, skin rejuvenating capabilities.


LED BLUE is one of the most user-friendly, non-invasive tool that effectively targets pimple-causing Propionibacterium Acnes to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne across all age groups. At a wavelength of 408nm, LED BLUE light matches closely the peak absorption qualities of blemish causing P acne bacteria residing on acne prone skins, stamping out their rampant colonization to bring acne breakouts under control. LED BLUE light therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or incorporated into an anti-acne facial or aesthetics laser procedure to improve skin texture and reduce sebaceous hyperplasia or enlarged oil glands.


Am I a suitable candidate for LED photo-biomodulation?
LED light therapy is completely pain free, positioning itself as a feasible option or precursor to heftier treatments such as lasers and complexion enhancing injectables. It can be safely used across all skin types including darker complexions, and is suitable for the very young as well as sensitive, compromised or damaged skins.

What is the procedure like?
Treatments involve the removal of makeup or sunscreen and the wearing of safety goggles. LED light of an appropriate wavelength chosen for its desired skin benefits is positioned close to the face and left in place for around 20 to 30 minutes. The procedure is completely painless as pure non-laser light calibrated to specific wavelengths is emitted through a matrix of purpose-built LEDs. During treatment, patients describe a warm sensation over the face, often compared to the soothing sensation of lying under the sun without having to worry about the harmful effects of ultraviolet or UV radiation. LED photo-modulation can be done as a standalone treatment or incorporated as part of a facial or aesthetics laser experience. 

Is there a difference between low level energy lights used in clinic and home-based devices that are being sold on the market?
One must be aware that all the clinical based, scientific research on the skin benefits of low level energy lights were conducted using in-clinic photobiomodulation devices with highly specific wavelengths and fluence (energy density). Amongst various in-clinic photobiomodulation devices from different makers, there are already huge discrepancies in the achievable energy output and thus results, let alone home based devices.

For instance, the Lutronic Healite II system is equipped with the patented Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT ™), engaging advanced collimation optics which more effectively harness and deliver the healing energy of 1800 new generation LEDs to achieve concentrated therapeutic photon intensities in the cells and organelles of the target tissues to maximize the intended therapeutic outcome. OLAT™ improves the efficiency and enhances the efficacy of LED photo-biomodulation, and it is near impossible for home-based devices, especially handheld ones to replicate its ability to provide the amount of light energy required to milk the skin benefits of LED.

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