Gold PTT Acne Treatment

Treating Acne With Gold

One of the major cause of persistent or recurrent acne are overactive sebaceous glands with follicular hyperkeratinisation that makes the cells really sticky, attracting P.Acnes bacteria to set up camp on our skin. Colonisation and plugging up pores then lead to skin inflammation and frequent breakouts.

Gold PTT, also known as Gold Photothermal Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for acne using selective photothermolysis to target such aberrant sebum producing sebaceous glands in acne-prone skin to help restore clarity to blemished complexions.

What is Gold PTT (Gold Photothermal Therapy)?

The theory behind GOLD PTT is the same as any medical photothermolysis treatment. Photothermal therapy is a type of light therapy which uses electromagnetic radiation, commonly in the near infrared (NIR) wavelengths in the form of lasers, for the treatment of various medical conditions including cancer. 

As nanoparticles embedded within tumors are exposed to tissue penetrating light, these nanoparticles will produce enough heat to damage and kill off adjacent cancer cells.

When we introduce an inert material encapsulated in nanoparticles through the skin and get them to cling-on to the overactive sebaceous glands, the introduction of an energy source will hence heat up the gold particles and lead to the destruction of these undesirable glands.


What is the procedure like?

Gold PTT treatment is designed to help improve all types of presentation of facial acne but work exceptionally well for those with really oily skin festered with inflamed papules and pustules. The carrying agent is suspended in an oil-based serum, specially designed tiny nanoparticles with a 120nm diameter silica core and 15nm thick gold shell.

The treatment is a 4-step procedure that will usually take less than an hour to complete:

  • Gentle extraction of comedones to clear up clogged pores
  • Using DEP (Dermal Electroporation) to help product penetrate deeply into the skin, pulsing the gold nanoparticles directly into the oil producing sebaceous glands where we want them to sit
  • Engaging Clarity laser with a long-pulsed wavelength at 1064nm to act as an energy source to heat up the gold-coated sebaceous glands

How does it work?

The goal of Gold PTT treatment is to reduce sebum production through selective photothermolysis. When the laser energy is applied in the final step of the treatment, the gold nanoparticles will be activated to create a focused photo-thermal effect that decreases the activity level of the sebaceous glands and follicle.

How effective is the treatment?

With reduced sebum production, there is a cleansing effect of the sebaceous/ follicle units. GOLD PTT is proven effective because we are targeting one of the major root causes of acne directly. Another welcoming effect that most patients reported is the reduction of pore size with consistent and regular treatments. Although effective, we mut understand that acne is a multi-factorial chronic skin condition that requires a holistic approach to treatment for optimal outcome. In addition to GOLD PTT, other complimenting  therapeutics modalities such as a good skincare regime, regular facials, dietary restrictions of refined sugars and dairy products as well as lifestyle modifications should not be neglected.

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