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Clinical Facials

When it comes to the pursuit of beautiful, flawless skin, nothing compares to having a comprehensive, integrated approach made up of a sensible balance of non-invasive/minimally invasive treatments, professional facials and a good skincare regime to maintain the results.

The Freia brand was created and built to provide results oriented and most sought-after clinical facials, without compromising on the wellness element. Our facials are not just another facial; over time and with regular use, our clients witness a transformation of not only their skin but an overall glow and radiance from within.

Choose from a range of safe and effective clinical facials from our award-winning medi spa Freia Aesthetics:

  • Hydrafacial (Aqua Boost) – patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin
  • Intraceuticals (O2 Facial) – instant radiance booster using 99% pure oxygen and antioxidant serums
  • Exilis Elite / Exilis Ultra (X-Lift Treatment) – hybrid radio-frequency and ultra-sound technology to tighten and lift skin.
  • Red Carpet Facial – instant radiance and glow treatment using Skinceuticals and Intraceuticals serums.
  • Notox Facial – instant line reducer and wrinkle filler. 100% natural. No injectibles.
  • CellRewind Facial – healing and rejuvenating treatment using Calecim and oxygen infusion. Glow getter.
  • Freia LED Light Facials – series of 3 to rejuvenate, calm or control acne breakout.

Learn more about our range of award-winning clinical facials and experience the radiance and glow from within at Freia Aesthetics.

My aim is simple, straight-forward and daring. We will work with every client to wear skin like their best foundation

 Founder and Director of Freia Aesthetics, Serene Seah

Facials and Skincare

Our medi-spa, Freia Aesthetics, has partnered with renowned Future Cosmetics to offer a range bespoke, results-driven and highly pampering facials to our clients. 

With its reputation and methodology formed upon a perfect combination of pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, an aesthetic and clinical approach, and rigorous and unique protocols, our acials customize to every unique skin type – simply put, everyone’s skin is uniquely different at any given time or day and we tailor your facial accordingly. Our therapists work with you to establish a personalized regiment, tweak treatments depending on what your skin needs with this single goal in mind – to heal, repair and restore skin. The uniqueness of our Freia facials is no use of chemical peels or processes which strip the outer layer of skin. Only the signature glow that leaves you with illuminated, radiant skin.

Great skin does not happen by chance. It happens by appointment.

Learn more about the brand, products and treatments at www.freiaaesthetics.sg

...definitely not just hype, and if you adore obvious, immediate results and facials that are very handwork-focussed with less reliance on machinery, this is definitely one for you to try. ” Renee Bachelor, Buro247

Skincare Products

Apart from returning regularly for your clinic-based treatments, it is crucial to develop a good and healthy skincare regime. Maintenance plays a big part in the overall results. Any good skincare routine should comprise of the following steps done on a consistent basis twice a day:

Daily Routine

#1. Cleanse – one of the most pivotal steps to good skin is this. Always double cleanse to remove SPF, dirt, debris. If you wear make-up, triple cleanse with a make-up remover. We recommend Skinceuticals’ Simply Clean 

#2. Exfoliate – good for cell renewal. We recommend using an exfoliating lotion/ scrub like Valmont’s Face Exfoliant. The best way to prep skin before serums and cremes.

#3. Serums – serums are potent, concentrated elixirs which target specific skin concerns. More easily absorbed into skin because of their smaller molecule size, they form an important part of one’s skincare routine. We recommend Skinceuticals’ range of antioxidant serums (C E FerulicDiscoloration Defence

#4. Cremes / Moisturisers – one biggest misconception is that skin does not need a moisturizer in hot and humid Singapore. Every skin needs one – from oily, sensitive, dry or ageing skin. Choose the right one for your skin type. We recommend Valmont’s Serumemulsion

#5. Sunscreens – the truth is, anyone above the age of 6 months needs sun protection. The sun remains the number one cause for ageing and damaged skin. Block up with a good sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB/HEV Blue Light. We recommend Crystal Tomato’s Beyond Sun Protection for a 360 protection which also protects against the harmful effects of Blue Light. The other favorite for a wearable, slightly tinted finish is Skinceuticals’ Physical Fusion UV Defence.

#6. Masking - a pampering and relaxing experience, regular masking helps rejuvenate and restore vitality, radiance and glow to skin. Our popular choices are Valmont's Prime Renewing Pack

Post Procedure

Post procedure is all about accelerating skin healing and recovery. Important must-haves post lasers or injectibles are: Calecim Serum (which contains a high concentration of stem cell proteins) and Calecim Recovery Night Complex (an overnight treatment masque to protect, hydrate and protect skin)

Freia Aesthetics and it's online store Freia247 is home to reputable skincare brands like: Skinceuticals – (whose forte is in antioxidants and sun protection), Future Cosmetics  (reputable for complete system in a bottle, bespoke solutions; Valmont ( known for their anti-ageing solutions).

Learn more about the different products we carry and speak to our therapists to find the best solution in skincare for your skin’s needs.

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