Dual Yellow Laser


The dual yellow laser is a safe and effective way to treat delicate conditions such as melasma, acne scars, certain types of pigment and vascular blemishes. It also helps to lighten dark eye circles and reduce redness in acne prone skin.

Unless you're Po from Kung Fu Panda, no one is going to look cute with dark eye circles. Our under eyes are riddled with a web of tiny capillaries which can lead to dark circles when they become leaky. As red blood cells leak from these capillaries into the surrounding skin, a dark discoloration is formed when the haemoglobin in them are being broken down. Yellow light at 578nm emitted from the Dual Yellow Laser system is designed to target the oxyhemoglobin present in our blood, shrinking capillaries effectively to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. 

Melasma is an acquired pigmentation disorder characterized by greyish-brown patchy discoloration on both cheeks and sometimes forehead, upper lip, chin and even the nose. It is a very common condition in Asia, affecting women more often than men. The causes of melasma are not fully understood but we know that genetics influence, infrared and UV exposure and even some oral contraceptive pills can trigger melasma. Also known as the “mask of pregnancy”, it can affect up to 70% of pregnant women. Although the skin discoloration may improve post- delivery, our experience tells us that very often, it may persist for long periods if the appropriate treatment is not given in a timely fashion.

Sensitive and Rosacea prone skin is characterized by dilated capillaries under the skin. When grouped together, they can give the appearance of red spots, or a blotchy, uneven skin tone that even the cleverest of makeup products fail to hide; often conveying misguided messages that one is extremely flustered or painfully shy. The specific wavelength of 578nm of yellow light emitted from the Dual Yellow Laser exactly matches the peak absorption of oxyhaemoglobin found in blood vessels. Yellow light is therefore readily absorbed by blood to necrose the undesirable blood vessels, achieving instantaneous cosmetics improvement with minimal or no pain.

The combination of a sound skincare routine with the appropriate laser treatment bears a synergistic effect on this much dreaded skin condition, with the Dual Yellow Laser consistently proven to be one of the most effective and safe treatment option for patients suffering from melasma. The unique yellow and green lights emitted by the Dual Yellow Laser not only help clear existing unwanted pigmentation, it actually curbs the production of melanin to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. In a published Korean study, the Dual Yellow Laser can gently but effectively reduce melasma load after five to ten sessions. There is virtually no down-time associated with this treatment, so you can go back to work right away, feeling radiant and refreshed!

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