Carbon Laser Peel


If your skin is plagued by zits of varying age, with some new ones rearing their heads while old healing ones are leaving behind footprints of unsightly dark marks, ask your aesthetic physician for a Carbon Laser Peel.

This revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation pioneered by the Koreans resurfaces and replenishes the skin at the same time with the use of gentle yet deeply penetrating laser energies, exfoliating the rough and damaged outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal younger, softer, and fairer skin underneath.

Without the use of harsh chemicals, it is able to control sebum production and thus reduce oiliness, shrink down pores and lighten dark acne pigmentation to even out skin tone. There is practically no downtime nor tell-tale signs with this awesome lunchtime treatment, making it tops on a ‘must-do’ list to tame blemish-prone skin pre-event, bestowing upon tired-looking visages a red-carpet-worthy glow.

Even skin looks more youthful and attractive

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