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Skin lifting injections have been used for more than 20 years, in countless of patients worldwide to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate one’s appearance. It is safe, natural and one of the most popular treatments in our practice.

Dermal filler injections have been used more than 20 years to soften and reduce stubborn wrinkles, enhance facial profiles and restore a youthful appearance. They are one of the most popular treatments in our practice.

A liquid facelift uses an injectable filler, placed at strategic points on the face to lift ageing facial features for a natural, effective and safe result without the need for surgery.

Sculptra injections have been used in our clinic more than 10 years as a collagen stimulator. The Poly-L Lactic acid triggers your skin to rebuild new collagen. The result is a natural, subtle plumping effect to reverse the deflating signs of ageing.

Ulthera is a non-invasive, no downtime treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). The ultrasound energy penetrates deep into sagging facial skin, triggering a tightening of underlying collagen for a naturally lifted effect.

For a more dramatic result, or for patients with moderate sagging, thread lifts are a great option to create a lifted, rejuvenated look without surgery. With minimal downtime and risks, this is a lunchtime face lift.

The new generation of picosecond lasers began with Picosure. It has proven to effectively treat ageing skin be it to reduce unwanted pigments, fine wrinkles, open pores and to create a porcelain, fair, smooth complexion

This established Q-switched Nd:yag laser is still very popular after nearly 15 years in the market. It is cost effective, safe and reliable to give your skin a good workout. Think of it as regular laser facial to keep fine lines, pigments and enlarged pores at bay.

The dual yellow laser is a gentle laser that is very popular to reduce stubborn pigmentation like melasma, facial flushing or redness, spider veins, acne and dark circles. This laser is painless and does not require pre-numbing cream.

Steroid injections are very effective for raised scars. Injected correctly into the scar tissue over repeated sessions, the scars can flatten and improve significantly.

Neogen plasma uses gaseous plasma energy to rejevanate tired, droopy, baggy eyes and dull skin. This is a great alternative to laser treatments for all skin types. Do it regularly to maintain a radiant bright glow.

The exilis ultra is an upgraded model to the established exilis elite. It uses proprietary radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to gently stimulate skin tightening and renewal. The result is a no downtime treatment for lifted, tighter skin.

CO2 laser is used to safely and predictably remove unwanted small lumps and bumps on the skin, be it skin tags, moles, skin warts and certain types of pigmentation like seborrhoeic keratosis.

Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to exfoliate dull, neglected and tired skin. Chemical peels reduce clogging of pores, improve appearance of fine lines and reduce recurrence of acne. They are cost effective, with little downtime and can give a radiant glow when performed regularly. 

Skinboosters injections are a great way to hydrate parched skin, reduce fine lines and improve overall skin health. Done regularly, it helps to maintain a porcelain smooth complexion for that healthy youthful glow.

PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotides) injections are a new approach to rejuvenating aging skin. Using salmon DNA extract, it can wind back the skin clock, resulting in baby smooth skin, with improved skin texture, fairer complexion and even reduced acne scarring.

Harness the power of light energy with all its associated healing benefits to bring out the best in your skin. LED light is used to trigger a renewal process in skin, speeding up healing post laser treatments, rejuvenating skin and even improving acne conditions.

Skin needs to be regularly exfoliated and deep cleansed to avoid build up of dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and excess sebum. The Hydrafacial treatment is a pampering clinical grade facial that cleanses and hydrates at the same time using patented vortex technology to deliver award winning serums into the skin.

The Sciton broad band light is a trusted name in IPL treatment to improve skin conditions like unwanted freckles and acne. It is a US FDA approved non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate skin and address specific skin conditions.

Our Carbon laser peel is great for those who want to improve pore size, skin texture and tone. The carbon particles applied on the skin reacts with the laser treatment, resulting in an instant shrinkage of pores for a smoother, brighter complexion.

The Clarity laser is a long pulse q-switched Nd:yag laser that is designed to destroy hair follicles permanently in all skin types. You can safely reduce unwanted hairs predictably and comfortably.

We have curated a full series of clinical facials that complement our medical aesthetic treatments. Prolong the results of your aesthetic treatments with regular pampering clinical facials for the best outcomes.

Future Cosmetics facials deserve a separate section on their own. These facials are very different from traditional facials due to the unique protocols, facial steps and accompanying serums and creams that have a cult following amongst the discerning.

Your aesthetic treatments are not complete without a comprehensive range of home-care maintenance skin care products. We have a very wide and diverse range of skin care to cater to all skin types and budget. Used in combination with our clinic treatments, facials or as stand-alone routines, it keeps skin at its best

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