Tear Trough Fillers

Rejuvenate Your Under-Eye Zones

Tear trough fillers are a great option to rejuvenate the under eye area, known as tear trough. We get a lot of request for tear trough or dark eye circles treatment. Upon assessment, we find the issue is really a hollowing out of the under-eye area as we age. This casts a shadow on that vulnerable area, making one look tired and sad.

The answer is to inject a hyaluronic acid filler in the right dose, using the right filler and the right technique. In some other cases, there may also be a combination of pigment staining the under-eye area making the dark circles worse. In such cases, we may combine treatment with the Dual Yellow Laser or Neogen Plasma.Injecting it wrongly or with the wrong product can lead to unsightly bulges or under-correction of the hollows.

We prefer to use Restylane Vital light or Restylane Refyne, both products are designed perfectly for this part of the face and blend into the area beautifully. Tear trough fillers last about 6 to 12 months, depending on the amount of filler used and is priced from $900 upwards.

Fuller eyes are now possible.

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