Tear Trough Fillers

How Do Dark Eye Circular Patches Occur?

Dark eye patches or dark eye circles  happen with skin sagging as a person ages. The fat pads descend in the area under the eye because of changing bone structures — resulting in an empty or hollow space, which shows up as dark eye rings, also known as the tear trough area. There are grooves in the infraorbital region called “nasojugal grooves” or more commonly called “tear trough” where the cause of the dark eye circle begins.

These dark patches tend to make a person look visibly tired and aged. Even with a combination of concealers and powders are added as part of a makeup routine, many women still struggle with truly hiding these dark patches.

Different techniques can be applied, one of which are injecting fillers in specific locations to fill up the troughs and to provide the lift to reduce the "hollowing-out" effect

This is because there are real skin contour changes near the eye area that, under different lighting, cast shadows that are near impossible to conceal and can be very personally undesirable for many individuals.

How Tear Trough Refinement and Fillers Are Done

At Freia, we use may use hyaluronic acid filler injectables or a combination of Dual Yellow Lasers or Neogen Plasma. Our preference is to use Teoxane Redensity or Restylane Refyne which usually blends very well on this particular area of the face. This treatment process takes 30 minutes with a numbing agent applied for a more pleasant experience. Tear trough fillers last from 6 to 12 months, on average.

The area around the eye is very sensitive and requires a keen understanding of the orbital anatomy. At Freia we provide treatments to this area with great care and respect, to minimise risk and to keep you feeling comfortable with topical numbing agents

Who is Tear Trough Treatment For?

There are typically 3 grades of tear trough hollowing, if you notice that your dark circles are increasingly more prominent, and you look visibly tired, but you know you have had enough rest, you are probably suitable for this treatment.

What Results Can You Expect From Tear Trough Filling?

Typical outcomes include an under-eye area that is reduced in “hollowness” and as a results, less pronounced dark circles and also reduction of eye bags. We typical aim for natural-looking results which blend in more seamlessly.

Decreasing Downtime From Tear Trough Injections

There are certain food types and dietary supplements that are known to increase recovery time because of their tendency to extend bleeding time, discuss with our doctors what specific food supplements you need to avoid.

For post-procedure care, you will also be encouraged to avoid strenuous exercise, or high-impact activities, this lessens the likelihood of bruising and inflammation.

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