BTX for the Eyes

Botolinum Toxin For Eyes

Botolinum Toxin is a very popular treatment to reduce unwanted, tired wrinkles around the eyes. Also known as crow’s feet, these wrinkles become deeper when we smile or laugh, giving away our age. While some consider it charming, most find that it adds years to their appearance. In some cases, the wrinkles are so deep that they are visible even when we are not smiling or laughing.

Prevention is better than cure. Start your treatments early to avoid permanent static wrinkles. Talk to our doctors to see when is the right time to start your Botolinum Toxin eyes treatment.Botolinum Toxin is a simple and effective way to soften the eye wrinkles. It takes just 5 minutes to erase 5 years., as the saying goes. After a numbing cream is applied for about 20 minutes, the area is gently injected using very find acupuncture-like needle.

There is almost no downtime, hence the term “lunch time Botolinum Toxin” or even “Botolinum Toxin parties”. The trick to getting a natural, rejuvenated result is not to overdo it. In our clinic, we find that less is more when it comes to the eyes. We use just the right amount of Botolinum Toxin units for an optimum result. Because no 2 people are the same, it is important to be individually assessed and treated according to needs. Botolinum Toxin eyes treatment typically last 3 to 4 months and is priced from about $300 upwards.

Lifting your skin, reversing time.

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