- Do you feel years older because of your hair?

- Are you starting to show visible scalp sections where hair used to be?

- Do you wish you had a fuller head of hair?

We get it. Hair plays a big role in framing facial features — a full head of hair coupled with a flattering hairstyle brings out the best in you while a diminishing crown does the complete opposite. It can be heart-breaking to see our once full head of hair starting to give way to bald spots.

Have you tried many different home/salon remedies but nothing seems to work?

If you have explored different options to deal with hair loss and are left frustrated with little or no results, perhaps a FUE Hair Transplant would be the option you can take. 

Fret not! Since 2006, Dr Harold Ma and his dedicated hair team have performed many hair transplants, which is scientifically-proven to restore thinning hair.

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What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

A FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant is the gold standard in improving thinning hair in male and female pattern hair loss. In suitable candidates, it is a great way to restore a more youthful and confident hairline, or to cover up the balding crown or the top of the scalp. 

Permanent, healthy hairs from the back and sides of the head are moved to needed areas of your scalp where hair-loss is evident, be it the top or the hairline. Results are seen after a single session. Done correctly, this gives a natural and long-lasting result, even if you have been balding for years.

What is a FUE Hair Transplant session like?

A typical FUE hair transplant session is performed in the clinic as an office procedure. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and the patient goes home on the same day. There is minimal pain. In fact, the patient is comfortably lying down on a couch while the team works on the hair.

The first part involves harvesting the required number of grafts, taking a lunch break and then planting of the grafts in the afternoon. Once completed, the scalp is lightly bandaged and the patient goes home to rest. The bandages come off the next day and the patient can resume normal social activities. The patient is taught simple wound and hair care and advised no sports or strenuous activity for 1 week.

The FUE Hair Transplant procedure is a low-risk, minimally invasive, highly predictable surgical procedure and has replaced the older FUT/strip method of hair transplants worldwide.

Don't Let Hair Loss Rob You Of Your Joy

We've helped thousands of patients regain their confidence. Let us assess your situation and see if FUE is a right fit for you.


Since 2006, Dr. Ma has performed hair transplants on patients of all ethnicities and hair types. He has honed his skills through extensive training/exposure across the globe. Dr. Ma has been featured regularly on national television, radio and newspapers for his expertise on hair restoration. He is an appointed key opinion leader for oral hair loss medication and works with Singapore A-STAR on hair biology research. He sees a good mix of Asian and Caucasian patients on a daily basis.

Come and see his large portfolio of actual patient before and after photos in clinic during a consult.

Dr. Harold Ma is featured on CNA and other major news outlets frequently for his knowledge on hair loss issues.

How Dr. Harold Ma Performs His FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Step 1:

Injecting local anaesthetic – a mild anaesthetic is gently injected into the harvest area. Within moments, the entire donor area is numb and the extraction is completely painless. 

Step 2:

Follicular Extraction – Dr. Harold’s Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique ensures a high yield of above 95%. He personally harvests all the grafts for every case. Unlike the older FUT or strip technique, there is no linear scar, only random micro dots. We are using the finest instruments (less than 1mm in diameter) to minimize any scarring to the harvest area. Unless hair is shaved very short, even experts struggle sometimes to see where hair was harvested from.

Step 3:

Follicle Inspection – all hair grafts are carefully checked under high-powered magnification. The hair grafts contain between 1 to 4, sometimes 5 hair follicles. They are stored in special solutions at precisely regulated temperatures for better graft survival.

Step 4:

Site Making – Dr. Harold Ma personally makes all the sites where the hair grafts will be planted. The angle, direction and distribution of grafts are critical to get the most natural appearance, the best possible density and the highest chance of graft survival.

In good hair design, hair grafts with one hair follicle are good for creating a soft natural front hair line in the first few rows as well as filling in the crown swirl area. The 2’s and 3’s are best used further back in the main body of hair to create a natural and dense full volume.

Step 5:

Dr. Harold's “No Touch Implanting” – The harvested hair grafts are implanted carefully (using our “no-touch” technique) into the recipient site. 

Step 6:

Cleaning and bandaging of scalp to protect grafts for 24 hours, then removal of bandage, grafts inspection and hair wash the next day.

Why do FUE with Dr. Harold Ma?

Dr Harold Ma personally performs all critical steps of the hair transplant: harvesting of grafts, hair design and site making

  • Safe, comfortable and pleasant; using our protocols, our patients report little to no pain be it during or even in the recovery period.
  • Very low transection rates with our technique and know-how (less than 5%, usually close to 0% graft transection/partial transection or damage)
  • High yield: most grafts bear multiple hairs, so you get more hairs per graft
  • We can perform up to 3500 grafts per session on any given day
  • The traditional very faint linear scar in strip technique is avoided in FUE
  • Faster recovery times
  • We harvest a precise number of hair grafts, so no grafts are wasted
  • We use the no-touch technique to implant our grafts, leading to a much faster growth and robust results
  • High volume of cases: we have a case on a daily basis, providing hair transplant service for the past decade
  • We treat local and international patients, equally familiar with Asian and Caucasian hair types
  • All hair team staff are in-house, personally trained by Dr Harold Ma.

FUE Hair Transplants can be used on other areas of your body

  • facial hair transplantation (to create a beard, mustache, goatee, side burns, chin straps, etc)
  • eyebrow transplantation
  • scar revision (scalp scars from traumatic injuries, burns, etc)

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