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Scalp Micropigmentation 3D SMP

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Since 2015, Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a procedure offered at Freia to safely, effectively and predictably create the desired effect of…

  • A deliberately closely shaved scalp
  • Increasing the density of a thinning scalp, making the thinning area appear to be fuller
  • Covering up old FUT or FUE scars
  • Covering up bald patches due to scalp diseases like stable alopecia areata, etc
  • Enhancing a hair transplant procedure
Scalp micropigmentation

Dr. Harold Ma giving a radio interview on SMP, 2017

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a safe, simple but highly technical procedure where temporary pigments are placed very superficially in the scalp. The colour of the ink is crucial to the final result. At Freia, after extensive research, refining our ink colours, we are able to create the most natural looking results, that will fool even experts. We use the best of Korean, American and European technology. We use only highest quality medical grade, hypoallergenic organic dyes. Results last 2 to 3 years, depending on individual metabolism, daily activities and scalp sun exposure. It is a relatively new technique that offers an alternative for patients who are not candidates for hair transplant surgery or who do not want a hair transplant surgery. SMP is both a science and an art. The sole purpose of our SMP procedure is to replicate hair, nothing else.


Having a natural, buzz cut look created by SMP can be very satisfying for patients suffering from hair loss

Proper technique is extremely important in getting safe and aesthetically satisfactory results. SMP is a highly technical procedure that is very easy to do it badly in the wrong hands. Common problems include blue/green appearance of ink, blotchy results, unnatural hairlines, effects that are too stark, etc. The angle that the instrument is deposited, depth control, consistency and the amount of pigment deposited, color compatibility – not to mention proper patient selection – are all critical for success.

The SMP procedure was first introduced to the medical hair restoration community by Dr. William Rassman of New Hair Institute in California and was introduced in Singapore by Freia in 2015. We have to date performed many successful cases.

Dr. Harold Ma with the inventor of SMP, Dr. William Rassman

Dr. Harold Ma with the inventor of SMP, Dr. William Rassman

SMP is relatively straightforward for the patient: After a proper discussion of the area to be treated with our doctor, the hairline is designed (this is the most critical step in creating a natural and pleasing result). A local anaesthetic cream is applied and oral painkillers are given for 30 minutes prior so that the entire process is very comfortable for the patient. The treatment area is carefully cleaned to maintain sterility, before we begin the SMP procedure.

The patient goes home at the end of the 3-hour procedure with specific after-care instructions.

The pigments are applied at precise depths and angles using computer-controlled micro-needles to replicate real hair follicles in short-cropped hair-styles. The medical grade ink is carefully and meticulously deposited into the scalp dermis.

It is in this layer that the pigment will stay for many years to create the desired effect. After the treatment, which can take anything from 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of treatment area, the patient goes home and returns for a second session the next day, and a final touch up session at one month. Our technique of layering pigment requires 2 to 3 sessions for the best results. This ensures a very gradual but natural infill of the scalp and hairline. We call this the 3D SMP effect.

There are very little risks associated with SMP, but a thorough discussion of treatment goals are very important.

Any age group, any skin type, any hair colour (except blonds and pure whites), males and females can potentially benefit from SMP. Unsure if you are a good candidate for our SMP, hair transplant or other hair restoration procedures? Come and see our extensive before and after patient photos! Call us for more information and advice. Think Hair, Think Dr. Harold

Dr. Harold Ma is a member of ISHRS

Dr. Harold Ma is a member of the prestigious ISHRS, a world authority on hair restoration.

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