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Pimple Treatment & Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition that affects mostly teenagers and young adults, but it can go on to plague adults even in their 30’s and 40’s , especially if acne is not addressed quickly and effectively. It is a frustrating condition for many, simply because it hinders skin from looking its best, is a social impediment and may leave permanent and disfiguring scars that are difficult to treat.

What causes acne?
Acne is caused by hormonal imbalance and poor skin health. Due to an imbalance in the production of sebum in the skin, our glands can get clogged, leading to inflammation and infection, a condition known as acne or pimples. It is characterized by the clogging of pores or sebaceous glands from excess facial oils, dead cells and bacteria. Acne is diagnosed by observing the following:

  • Blackheads (open comedones)
  • Whiteheads (closed comedones)
  • Pustules, pimples, cysts or nodules (boils)
  • Oily appearance of skin

Acne progresses through various stages. It can start with open or closed comedones (black heads or white heads), leading to pustules and in the worst case scenario, big boils that are medically classified as nodules or cysts. If nothing is done to stop this cycle of infection and injury to the skin, permanent scarring will result. This is the dreaded acne scars phase, that can only be treated with intense lasers and other medical treatments.

Treating acne-You can have clear skin!
Although there are many products available today over-the-counter, not every product is effective or suitable for your acne condition. As acne progresses, permanent scars may result. Hence, the importance of seeing a doctor early if your acne fails to respond to your own remedies. In our clinic, treatment of acne begins with accurately staging the condition, both clinically and with photography in a light-consistent room.

For very mild acne comprising comedones, our doctor may suggest undergoing our signature steaming and hydrafacial, which will effectively exfoliate the outer dull skin and treat comedones. Effective acne treatment entails using a combination of antibiotics to eradicate infection, good quality cleansers and topical creams to control sebum production or oily skin. In addition, our signature TCA chemical peel is a very effective way to exfoliate the outer skin, thereby unclogging pores and stimulating the recovery process.

Acne treatment / Pimple Treatment
We have a range of scientifically proven, time-tested acne & pimple treatments that are unique to our clinic. We believe in using the right acne & pimple treatment for the right type of acne. Hence every acne & pimple treatment is tailored specifically for individual needs.

It is important to use an effective, high quality gentle cleanser that will deeply clean and mildly exfoliate skin. This step reduces the chance of bacterial and dirt build-up which can clog pores. Make-up, excessive oil or sebum is thoroughly removed, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

An effective calming agent is essential to counter the effects of acne that often leaves one’s face red and angry looking. This is where we highly recommend the Skinceuticals Phytocorrective calming serum that leaves your skin instantly soothed.

Topical creams formulated to treat acne are often tailored and prescribed, so acne can quickly be treated and prevented from recurring. This works best for mild acne.

Sciton BBL Blue Light for Acne
The Sciton BBL blue light treatment for mild to moderate acne is another modality that patients like. The blue light targets the acne-causing bacteria proprionium bacterium acnes to effectively reduce infection on the skin. At the same time, the oil glands that produce sebum are also controlled, making the face less oily. Overall, the skin health is restored and optimized using protocols that we have refined over the years.

It takes 15 minutes for each treatment and patients return weekly to twice-weekly for 4 to 8 sessions. There is no pain or downtime with this treatment. This can speed up the resolution of acne by up to 3 times compared with conventional treatment regimes. Be assured that you will look and feel an improvement to your skin in no time at all.

One problem with acne-prone skin is the clogging of skin pores with dirt, pollution, excess oily sebum and dead skin cells. The solution is to use a gentle but thorough cleansing treatment. This will ensure that skin remains clear, clean and bacteria free. For this reason, we have incorporated Hydrafacial as an important step to keep skin clear of acne, giving you a glow that your friends will envy. Talk to us about enrolling on our Hydrafacial trial today!

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*Due to MOH guidelines in Singapore, accredited medical clinics are not allowed to show before and after photos on websites and marketing materials. We apologize for that. We would be delighted to showcase our photographs and actual results during the consultation in our clinic.

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