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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

“Permanent Laser Hair Removal Procedure Removes Unsightly, Unwanted And Undesirable Hair On Your Body”

 Medical Grade Laser Ensures Hair-Free Skin Regardless of Skin Type

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  • Facial hair removal
  • Upper and lower lip
  • Underarm/armpit hair
  • Leg hair
  • Forearm and upper arm hair
  • Back hair
  • Brazilian/Bikini/Buttock cleft
  • And more! with permanent hair removal (laser/ipl)
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With our full range of hair removal treatments: the Sciton BBL (Broad Band Light) or the Clarity Alex / Ndyag Lasers, you’re assured a safe and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair from almost every body part, REGARDLESS OF SKIN AND HAIR TYPE. This medical grade device is available for use in Singapore only by licensed physicians. Think Hair, Think Dr. Harold

The process is really simple, a numbing cream is first applied to the treated area. You will feel a swoosh of cool air and gentle flick against your skin each time the laser is activated, targetting the root hairs safely and effectively. Laser hair removal is a quick lunch time process.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Permanent Hair Removal:

Is Laser or BBL hair reduction painful?
Our hair reduction treatment is generally quite comfortable. An optional numbing cream is first applied on the treatment area. What you will experience next is described as a tolerable and light snap of a rubber band against cooled skin. Based on your response, the doctor can adjust the energy levels accordingly.

What can I expect after each treatment session?
You will notice reduced hair growth. However, as hairs grow in crops and at different cycles, it will take repeat sessions to effectively bring the hair growth under control. You will need between 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the skin type, hair density, thickness etc.  Individual results may vary.

What are the popular areas that are treated for hair removal?
Almost any part of the body can be treated. The most popular areas include • underarms• forearms and back of hands • lower legs, thighs and toes • facial hair including upper lip hair and beards • chest, back, tummy • brazilian, bikini, boyzilian • buttocks

Are the results permanent?
Laser hair reduction will permanently reduce the hair load and density upon completion of the treatment programme. However, fine regrowth may occur after a few years, due largely to hormonal stimulation. At that point, our patients may choose to return for maintenance sessions.

Can I return to my regular activities right away?
There is no down time associated with Laser or BBL hair reduction. There may be slight redness post-treatment, but this will subside within hours. We advise patients to use good quality sunscreens and avoid excessive sun exposure to the treated area for 3 days post-treatment.

I have a darker Fitzpatrick skin type 5. Am I suitable for this treatment?
The Clarity laser is designed for all skin types, including darker skin types. On the other extreme, our Clarity Alex laser treats blond hair effectively and safely.

Think Hair, Think Dr. Harold.

Call us to make an appointment for permanent laser hair removal today +65 6735 8180.

*Due to MOH guidelines in Singapore, accredited medical clinics are not allowed to show before and after photos on websites and marketing materials. We apologize for that. We would be delighted to showcase our photographs and actual results during the consultation in our clinic.

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