Silhouette Thread Lift

Silhouette Thread Lift:
You don’t need to have a degree in science to understand what gravity does to your looks, you only need a mirror. As we grow older, our tissues lose their firmness and volume, resulting in a tired-looking face and sagging skin. While the surgical facelift remains an effective option, there are many non-surgical alternatives without the risks, costs, lengthy recovery time and scars associated with surgery.

The Silhouette thread lift involves the use of minimally invasive threads to lift sagging tissue. The Silhouette lift, which uses the Silhouette sutures, brings the benefits of a thread lift without the disadvantages of surgery. By introducing absorbable threads under the skin, Dr. Harold Ma can “lift” sagging skin and then anchor it in place.

The Silhouette lift requires only a local anaesthetic, and takes about 20 minutes to perform for both sides of the face. There are no visible scars after the procedure. Apart from very mild swelling and the occasional bruising, our patients are back at work the very next day. Results are generally expected to last 2 to 3 years.

Silhouette threads are most commonly used on the face and neck. In some cases of a “double chin”, we may plan to first reduce the fat burden with Vaser Liposelection before performing a thread lift for that taut, rejuvenated neck and jawline.

The Silhouette thread lift are FDA and European EMEA approved based on its strong safety and effective track record.

Who is suitable for Silhouette Thread Lift?

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  • Patients aged between mid 30’s to late 60’s
  • Mild to moderate mid face sag, especially laugh lines and sagging cheeks
  • Not keen or not suitable for surgery and risks associated with traditional surgical facelifts
  • Used in combination with dermal filler injections to rejuvenate face

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*Due to MOH guidelines in Singapore, accredited medical clinics are not allowed to show before and after photos on websites and marketing materials. We apologize for that. We would be delighted to showcase our photographs and actual results during the consultation in our clinic.