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Non-Surgical Face Lift

Part of the aging process results in a visible loss of facial collagen, fat and moisture. Together with the ravages of external factors like excessive UV, smoke, pollution, stress, we see our face sagging more and more with time.

Traditionally, the only way to get a facelift is to go under the knife. This is not acceptable for most, because of the associated risks from the surgery, the worry about an unnatural result as well as downtime needed.

Now, you can get your skin tightened and lifted without surgery, if you…
– are experiencing mild to moderate degrees of facial sag
– not keen or are unsuitable for surgery
– are not looking for an overly dramatic result but instead, prefer a subtle yet noticeable improvement to your features
– prefer a treatment that has minimal risks
– are unable to take time off work required of a traditional surgical facelift

non surgical facelift

The principle behind a non-surgical facelift is to target the layers of the skin which generate collagen. Through the use of effective heating, either with infrared energy in our STAR treatment, or using ultrasound to go deeper for more effective lifting in our Ulthera treatment. Effective heating of the correct layers of the skin will result in improved blood circulation, release of growth factors and tightening of collagen fibers. All this means a rejuvenated, lifted appearance that gradually changes over time. Coupled with healthy living, others will notice a refreshed-looking you.

If you do not mind a minimally invasive treatment, you can consider the Silhouette thread lift. Using special threads that are inserted gently under the skin and anchored firmly in place, the Silhoutte thread lift can give you an instant lift to the midface. There is minimal downtime and risks associated with this procedure.