Freeze and Eliminate Up To 23% of Your Stubborn Fat In One Single Coolsculpting Session

Struggling with "bye bye arms", "muffin top", "double chin" or "bra fat?" 

You can now remove stubborn fat areas of your body that don't seem to go away with regular exercise or even diet control. Harvard scientists have developed a scientifically-proven and FDA approved treatment that freezes and eliminate fat cells from stubborn fat areas of your body and has the ability to remove 20-23% of fat cells within a treated area in one single session! 

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting uses the power of pinching stubborn fat areas and freezing and fat cells in order to destroy them. Fat cells' weakness to cold makes them easily targetable by Coolsculpting's cooling process, and it's also a safe non-surgical option to dealing with fat.

October 2019's "Goodbye Bulge" Treatment Package

GET 6 + 2 = 8 sessions of any CoolAdvantage / Petite / Mini at $3600*

* price excludes GST

Why Not Liposuction?

Liposuction is an invasive medical procedure used primarily for the bulk-removal of fat in typically overweight individuals which has inherent surgical risks. Coolsculpting however, is more suited for you if you're near your ideal weight yet struggle with removing stubborn fat areas like "love handles". Stubborn fat areas do not typically respond to exercise or diet modification and make certain close-fitting or "sexy" looking outfits less attractive to wear.

Recognized by Coolsculpting Club 500

Freia Medical is a member of “CLUB 500” that Coolsculpting recognizes as a centres that has completed 500 or more cycles of CoolSculpting treatments in 2018. 

Why Choose Freia Medical?

  1. We have the complete range of CoolAdvantage applicators to contour any body area. 
  2. Use the original Coolsculpting technology.
  3. We offer Dual-Sculpting to sculpt 2 areas at the same time.
  4. Our doctors and staff are CoolSculpting University certified.

If We Can Pinch It, We Can Freeze It

Coolsculpting is a scientifically-proven procedure that will freeze and remove stubborn fat that you've have always wanted to get rid of. Make your appointment with us to learn more about how we can help you get rid of unsightly bulges!

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