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Fillers Singapore | Non-Surgical Nose, Chin & Cheek Treatment

“My Clinically Approved Procedure Will Reverse Your Aging Looks Naturally and Safely”

Dr. Harold Ma, as heard on 93.8fm radio in Singapore on the subject of fillers

Radio 93.8FM live appearance2

Dr. Ma was recently interviewed on national radio station 93.8fm for his opinion on Restylane Skin boosters and filler treatments.

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Enhance your look: a sharper nose & chin, a more balanced face

Restore your youth: reduce signs of age – laugh lines, fine lines,

wrinkles, sagging skin, hollow eyes, sunken temples




Juvederm, Restylane or Sculptra To The Rescue

As you advance in age, youthful collagen, hyaluronic acid, “baby” fat and even underlying bone deplete. Consider a deflated balloon. Without sufficient air, the skin of the balloon starts to loosen and sag, but when air is injected, the balloon fills up with a smoother appearance.

Dermal fillers are now available to reverse the effects of age on the face. Without going under the knife or surgery, you can look younger. And the best part is: no one has to know you have had anything done. Many of our clients are back at work or social activities the very same day.

We believe in using only reputable and reliable products at Freia: Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra, US FDA approved and time-tested brands which have one main role: to bring out a younger, more aesthetically-proportionate you.

Correctly injected by skilled and experienced hands, dermal-fillers are a wonderful option if you want a natural, no downtime and safe result.

Pain is minimal; throughout the entire process the treated area is numbed with a cream so you can sit back and relax whilst your face undergoes treatment by our doctor.

Dr. Ma firmly believes in restoring proportions and beauty, rather than simply trying to erase lines and wrinkles. Dr. Ma has been helping his clients reverse the aging process with the use of safe filler products, results which usually lasts anywhere between 1 and 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between dermal fillers and Botox?
Very often, this is asked. We like to think of fillers and Botox as a perfect partnership. They complement each other seamlessly. Botox action is to inactivate facial muscle action, so that your wrinkles of expression are diminished. Whereas Fillers are meant to “fill” in a deep line that Botox cannot undo on its own, or plump up sunken cheeks where Botox has no role. Dr. Ma uses Botox and Fillers synergistically to create an optimal result.

How can filler injections help me look more youthful or improve my appearance?
In general, these dermal products are meant for correcting age-related lines on the nasolabial folds, tear troughs under the eyes, sagging cheeks, sunken temples, thinning lips or aging hands. Apart from rejuvenating one’s looks, it can also enhance one’s features such as the nose or chin.

Nasolabial folds and marionette lines

Nasolabial Folds

A common concern would be that the nasolabial folds, or the laugh lines around the mouth are getting deeper. Nasolabial folds are can be corrected with the appropriate filler. The same applies to marionette lines, which are the lines that appear from the corner of our mouth down to the chin. The appearance of marionette lines make one appear “sad” and older.

Tear troughs


You may have noticed that the dark eye circles are getting more prominent with time, to the extent that a prominent line is starting to show. Your eye sockets may appear more hollow and you look tired. A dermal filler injection can replace the collagen that has been depleted over time.

Correctly injected, the under-eye area can be rejuvenated significantly. The result would be noticeable improvement to the dark circles, smoothening of the lines that makes one appear tired.

Cheek prominence


As we age, the fat pad that gives us that youthful appearance on our cheeks gradually sag and diminish. Dermal products can be injected to restore that prominence. This would give the mid-face a nice lift, rejuvenating and invigorating facial features.

Some are born with a rather wide face but flat cheek profile. Cheek fillers can be applied to enhance “flat cheeks”, giving a more youthful, proportionate appeareance.

Sultry lips


Lip tissue may thin with age, with resulting vertical lines showing. Dermal injections can correct this problem. For those who are born with very thin lips and long for fuller lips, do consider lip filler augmentation.

Nose Fillers For A Flat Bridge

Nose-Flat-Bridge copy

Nose Fillers To Correct A Short Nose

Short Nose Correction

Nose Fillers To Correct A Bulbous/Rounded Tip


Nose Fillers To Correct A Hump

Nose Hump Correction copy


The two most important features on our face are your eyes and nose. Studies have shown that we are drawn to these parts before we even subconsciously evaluate the rest of a person’s face. Humped, flat, rounded, short noses can all be enhanced, thanks to filler injections. A proportionately shaped nose that is in harmony with the facial features are key to creating an optimal result. Nose filler treatments are hence very popular in Asians, who tend to have under-developed nose bridges.

Chin Fillers

Retruded-Chin copy

The chin is an often overlooked area or feature of the face, but a slightly more defined chin can do a lot to improve facial shape. Filler-injections are very good for augmenting the chin. In this respect, an improved chin outline can make one appear slimmer, give a better, more elegant side profile. Both men and ladies alike have benefited from an optimally shaped chin with the help of the appropriate dermal product.

As we age, bone resorption causes the chin bone to retract, giving rise to the characteristic “aged chin, retracted gums” appearance”. Chin-fillers can take years away by restoring youthful chin projection.

The temples are another very important component of a youth face, but often ignored. Take a look at your own face, and focus on the temples. Are they starting to hollow out? A youthful and rejuvenated appearance depends on a nicely oval and filled face, and the temples will play a very important part in helping to achieve this. Filler-injections are often used to get rid of the “peanut” shaped face by restoring the fullness in your temples.

Due to aging, neglect and sun exposure, hands may start to appear wrinkled and shriveled. Dermal injections can help reverse the aging process in hands. By injecting in into the back of the hands, fillers can help to plump up aging hands for a rejuvenated effect.

Skinbooster Fillers  水光针
As we age, facial, neck and hand skin start to lose their moisture and hydration, much like how an apple starts to shrivel up. This can be easily overcome, by injecting a particular type of filler, known as Skin boosters hyaluronic acid fillers. Because Skinboosters are water-loving molecules, they draw water into the skin at the correct layer, leading to a hydrated effect. Pores become more refined and skin tone improves. We use a device called the Vital injector, which uses microcomputer algorithms to distribute the Skinboosters very evenly and precisely over the entire treated area. This adds to improved smoothness and control.

Restylane Skin boosters

As heard on 93.8fm health segment Body and Soul with radio host Daniel Martin

Will dermal-fillers like chin fillers and nose fillers produce an unnatural look?
We want you to still be you, just an improved and the best possible version of you. Dr. Ma goes to great lengths to create a natural result, every time. He is very passionate about this. That is our assurance to you.

Are dermal-fillers painful?
Our protocols ensure that your procedure is pleasant and as comfortable as possible. This is greatly aided by the choice of high quality dermal products that are pre-blended with the anaesthetic lidocaine. The chances of bruising and unwanted swelling are also greatly minimized so that our patients can confidently return to their work or social activities without anyone noticing.

Will I need to take time off work or social activities?
In most cases, our patients can return to their work or social activities immediately without anyone noticing. Some patients may experience mild swelling and occasional spot bruising.

What activities should I avoid and for how long?
After your procedure, it is advisable to avoid strenuous activity for 3 days. This includes heavy lifting more than 10kgs and bending forwards. Do not go to a sauna or steam room for about 7 days. Facial treatments should also be avoided for a week. You can wear make-up as usual. If in doubt, please check with our staff.

Dermal Fillers

Can I undergo laser, radiofrequency, Ulthera treatments after nose filler/chin filler injections?
Yes, but be sure to discuss all aesthetic treatment plans with us for the best possible results.

Any particular instructions for after care?
It is good to avoid strenuous activity one or two days post procedure, to allow any minimal swelling to settle quickly. Some patients like to put a cold pack to the treated area. In general, you don’t have to do very much.

Are dermal fillers suitable for me?
No two faces are the same. In the privacy of our clinic, our doctor will patiently evaluate and explain his assessment in helping you decide what is the best treatment for you. We believe everyone should enjoy a younger face and are ready to help. We have a wide range of high quality, safe and reliable dermal products that are approved by US FDA and Singapore HSA. Examples include Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra.

This procedure is done under a numbing cream, so you can comfortably experience this transformation. Better yet, you can return to work immediately without anyone knowing.

If you think any of the above describes your concerns, then this may be just the right treatment for you.

I am an international patient considering the Dr. Harold Ma’s filler procedure. How long should I plan my stay?
Our regional and international clients typically spend a minimum of 1 day in Singapore: Arrive in Singapore, head to our clinic, have the filler procedure done, and fly off or stay on in Singapore for a holiday, business meeting, etc.

Our staff are fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Burmese. You can have a Skype consultation with Dr. Ma prior to your arrival, to have all your concerns and questions answered.

*Due to MOH guidelines in Singapore, accredited medical clinics are not allowed to show before and after photos on websites and marketing materials. We apologize for that. We would be delighted to showcase our photographs and actual results during the consultation in our clinic.