Deficient Facial Hair

Going for a more masculine bearded look?

Facial hair is becoming trendy and sought after. It is considered stylish to sport a neatly groomed, uniform beard, moustache or goatee. It also creates a more authoritative and mature look. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with facial hair. In some cases, the existing facial hairs grow in a patchy manner and a facial hair transplant can help to create it from scratch or fill in empty zones. We have been performing hair transplants to create facial hair and see the trend growing over the past four years. We harvest hairs from the back and sides of the scalp, and then implant them into the facial areas. The results are long lasting and natural looking if done right. The most commonly requested designs are:

  • Moustache
  • Moustache and goatee
  • Moustache, goatee and chin straps
  • Moustache, goatee, chin straps and jaw straps
  • Moustache, goatee, chin straps, jaw straps and side burns

It is important to use the right type of grafts for the facial hair transplant. Equally important are the angles, density, depth and direction of the planted hairs. The planted hairs grow like a normal beard and will require shaving and grooming.

Some patients use minoxidil to enhance their facial hair growth after a hair transplant.

Need a fuller, uniform beard to express yourself the way you always wanted? 

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