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The eyebrows are a very prominent and important part of our facial features, some consider it even more important than the hairline. It is the area of the face where people look at when making eye contact. Hence it is vital to get the eyebrows right, especially the shape and symmetry. There are some key attributes of eyebrow hairs that make it distinctly different from scalp hair;

The eyebrow hairs are all single hairs, unlike on the scalp where we find groupings of between one to four hairs. The eyebrows grow in a very peculiar direction. They start almost growing vertically upwards on the side near the nose, known as the head of the eyebrow. This direction quickly turns sideways and downwards in the middle or body of the brow. At the lower side of the body of the brow, the hairs grow sideways and upwards. This results in a converging effect of the eyebrows towards the centre of the eyebrow and it is this criss-crossing of hairs that make the eyebrow shape so unique and beautiful.

Towards the tail of the eyebrow, the hairs thin out into a little wisp all pointing in one direction. The exit angle of eyebrow hairs are almost parallel to the skin. This is again different from scalp hair, which exits at an angle between 30 to 45 degrees. Hence, the degree of skill required for eyebrow transplantation is extremely demanding. We assign only the most senior staff (with at least 5 years experience) on our team for such procedures. 

We have many requests for eyebrow hair transplantation for deficient eyebrows. Deficient eyebrows can occur mostly in the outer 1/3 and head or diffusely thin, and may be due to 

  • congenital deficient eyebrows or inborn thin eyebrows
  • a result of over-plucking or repeated tattooing/embroidery
  • traumatic scars, infection
  • some medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, alopecia areata

The hairs are harvested from the back of the scalp using Dr. Harold’s long hair FUE hair transplant technique. Only single hairs are used and they must match as closely to the existing eyebrow hairs as possible. For example, if the patient’s eyebrow hairs are fine, we will harvest fine hairs from the scalp to match. 

We plant between 180 to 250 hairs per side, depending on the existing condition, the desired goal of the patient and the design of the new eyebrow. We use the finest instruments to plant the delicate grafts, creating the densest possible growth. For curly hairs, the hairs are rotated to achieve the optimum direction of growth for the most natural result.

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Some critical aspects of an eyebrow transplant

The downtime of an eyebrow hair transplant is about 5 days. The eyes will appear swollen for 24 hours. The swelling quickly subsides and there may be mild bruising lasting about 5 days. During this time, the redness will also resolve. As the wounds dry up, it appears as tiny crusts or fine sand on the eyebrow area. This will gradually flake off with the recovery hair spray provided. By day 5, most patients can go back to work. Some may wear black-framed glasses to camouflage any residual redness or swelling. Pain is minimal and most do not need any pain-killers. There is some pinkness of the transplanted area that may last 4 to 12 weeks, depending on individual healing variations. Eyebrow pencil or mascara may be used 3 weeks after the procedure. 

The new hair is obtained from the back of the scalp, where hair continuously grows for several years. This is different from eyebrow hairs, which usually only grows for 4 months before shedding off. As such, we always counsel our patients of the need to trim and shape their transplanted eyebrows once a week. This is considered a small price to pay for a fuller set of natural eyebrows. 

Most patients are very satisfied with their eyebrow transplant, but about 10% may request for a second eyebrow transplant 9 to 12 months later to further dense up the eyebrows or to refine the shape further. 

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