Hair Loss



​This condition is most common amongst males, and is mainly due to genetic hormonal influence. It is important to treat this symptom early to avoid permanent, irreversible hair loss.

This condition affects women in their 20’s upwards. It results in a diffuse thinning usually at the top of the scalp, while the hairline is not affected. It is usually a very gradual process and leaves the woman feeling very insecure about her hair.

Facial hair is gaining in popularity in recent times. Now there is a way to create dense, stylish facial hair even if you are not born with a thick beard.

Eyebrows are a very important but often overlooked feature of the face, second only to the eyes. There are ways to thicken the eyebrows for a more balanced, aesthetic look.

​Hair grows in cycles and occasionally, hairs may be triggered to all shed at the same time, leading to a temporary thinning. How to know if it is temporary?

This is a rare type of permanent hair loss. It is important to distinguish this from the more common types of hair loss, diagnose this condition early to prevent worsening.

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