Sagging Skin

Don't Let Sagging Skin Hide Your Best Features

Amongst the long list of hates we fear about aging, sagging skin perhaps ranks high, and unfortunately is also the most difficult to hide. From the moment we are born, our face and skin have been fighting the downward forces of gravity. Up-hill task? You bet. By the time we hit mid 30’s, gravity starts to win. We see changes in our face, be it in the mirror or on photos.

The youthful face is now giving way to a more tired appearance. Friends start asking why we look tired: Our eyes, our cheeks, our jawline and under-chin betray our efforts to look fresh and alert.

20 years ago, a surgical facelift was the only effective way to challenge wrinkles and skin laxity. There were downsides to surgery: intrinsic risks, prolonged downtime, looking too tight or unnatural, not to mention the results were irreversible, whether we like it or not. Hence surgery should really be a last resort, after we have tried other safer and non-invasive methods. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, there are now a variety of effective options to reverse the signs and slow aging in its tracks.




Saggy skin can be a choice.

Let us help you reverse the signs of ageing.

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