Pigmentation Spots With Aging

It may not be deep frown lines or crow’s feet that you have, but if you feel like you have aged, chances are it’s due to an uneven skin tone. Blotchy skin doesn’t reflect light as well, making your complexion dull and lifeless looking. Many of us suffer from pigmentation problems these days, sometimes triggered by hormonal fluctuations like pregnancy or birth control pills, damage to the skin due to injury and prolonged sun exposure.

Skin pigmentation is a condition that causes the skin to appear lighter or darker than normal. Our skin contains cells called melanocytes, which produce a substance called melanin, which is the natural pigment responsible for the color of our skin, hair and eyes. Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin formed deposits in the skin, leading to patches of skin becoming darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. Similarly, hypopigmentation occurs when patches of skin become lighter or whiter in color compared to the surrounding skin.

Essentially, pigmentation can be treated with lightening creams or lasers. The main difference between the two is that lasers can produce a faster and more effective result in most cases. For stubborn pigmentation that do not draw a satisfactory response from creams alone, they can be safely treated with a variety of lasers. However, one should not see lasers as a last resort to tackle pigmentation. In fact, early treatment with the correct type of lasers matched appropriately to one’s skin type not only help to clear pigmentation faster and earlier, it has the dual benefit of preventing further pigment formation.

At Freia Medical, complemented with purpose built cosmeceuticals from Future Cosmetics & SkinCeuticals, we wage war against pigmentation problems armed with a comprehensive range of established lasers used singularly or combined for the best possible outcome. With the Fotona StarWalker® MaQX, Sciton Profile BBL, PicoSure, Medlite, Dual Yellow and Spectra Lasers on hand, we aim to refresh, rejuvenate and renew troubled complexions, to help bring out the best in your skin, for a clearer, fresher look. Learn more about these solutions here.







you could always use concealer, but wouldn't it be great if you could "zap" those spots away?

Spots can be visible signs of aging but it doesn't mean there's nothing you can do about it. We can help with pigmentation issues at our clinic.

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