Facial Enhancements

Dermal Fillers — Scientifically-Proven Skin and Face Enhancement

While previously the only options for improving one’s facial features were limited to invasive and expensive plastic surgery, or clever makeup skills, cosmetics injectables are taking the whole game of beautification to another different level altogether. In recent years, besides BTX and other similar neurotoxin-based treatments, dermal fillers are an established way with a long track record of safety and reliability — with more than 20 million injections worldwide.

Nose filler

The nose occupies the central position of the face, and is considered ‘ideal’ when it is harmonious with the rest of the facial features. While previously surgical rhinoplasty is the only option if a sharper, smaller, straighter and smoother nose is desired, injectable hyaluronic acid filler is a major game changer in recent years, capable of transforming your entire profile in under 15 minutes! This can be done as a standalone procedure or combined with nose threadlifting for enhanced results.

Cheek filler

As we age, the fat pad that gives us that youthful appearance on our cheeks gradually sag and diminish. Facial dermal fillers can be injected to restore that prominence. This would give the mid-face a nice lift, rejuvenating and invigorating facial features. Some are born with a rather wide face but flat cheek profile. Cheek fillers can be applied to enhance “flat cheeks”, improving facial contours for a more youthful, proportionate appearance. 

Lip filler

It is an oft-neglected fact that our lips also age with time, losing its fullness, shape and color. Restoration of the lips is now one of the hottest trends to hit the beauty industry as ladies realize that owning a beautiful pair of lips can be the difference between pretty and gorgeous. Whether you’re born with a pout that’s less than perfect, have serious Kylie Jenner envy or if age has been unkind and robbed the volume and vitality out of your once beautiful lips, you don’t have to grit your teeth and bear with it. Lip filler is a safe and simple procedure that in the correct hands, can allow one to sculpt her puckers to perfection, “up-grading” them from ‘A-size’ to ‘A-lister’ proportions and glam quotient. On top of maintaining good lip proportion and shape, a beautifully enhanced pair should not only be congruent with the rest of the facial features, but should also reflect the bearer’s own unique style and personality.

Chin filler

A weak chin plays a vital role in diminishing a woman’s overall appearance as it is an anchor point for the eye. When a chin is too small or narrow, it tends to throw the facial proportions off balance visually, making the face, nose and neck appear somewhat larger than what they actually are, and less attractive looking.

There is a wide array of chin fillers composed of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that are ideal for chin enhancement.  It is injected into the chin so that the soft tissue present in that section is elevated and enhanced. As there are differences between male and female aesthetics, the knowledge, skills and expertise of the practitioner which governs injection techniques and product placement will help to avoid undesired masculinization or feminization of appearance that’s not on the patient’s wish-list. 

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost.

Fillers can go a long way to help enhance youthful and vibrant looks.

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