Facial Contouring

Not all contours are created equal

Research shows that the heart shaped face is the single most common face shape amongst female celebrities considered beautiful in both East & West, with the narrowness giving a leaner and natural “slimming” effect, which is loved and appreciated in most parts of the world, Asian included. To achieve the perfect heart shape face, the V-line is currently the non-disputed #1 trend that’s much sought after by any modern Asian lady looking to improve her looks. This coveted look refers to a highly defined V-shaped jawline that ends with a sharp and delicate looking chin. 

Jaw Slimming

Apart from prominent mandibular or jaw bones, a broad squarish face can be due to over-sized jaw muscles also known as the masseters, sitting on both sides of your jaw. People with Bruxism who grind their teeth while asleep, or have a habit of chewing gum or crunching ice since young may develop a square jaw appearance by the time they hit adulthood. To get round this, BTX Square Jaw is a lunchtime procedure whereby Botulinum toxin microinjections can be administered to the muscle bulk to relax and shrink them down, resulting in a slimmer face that up one’s quotient of attractiveness. 

For added facial contouring prowess when desired, BTX V-Lift can relax the mentalis muscle that sits over the chin and help reduce the strong downward pull of the neck muscles on the lower face to give a subtle lift for a more youthful-looking profile. Visible improvement can be seen as early as 2 weeks after just one single treatment, while the second session should be timed a month later, with regular touch-ups every 4 to 6 months for optimal outcome.

Double Chin Reduction

A heavy double chin disrupts the smooth contours that constitute a desirable profile, often adding pounds and years to one’s actual weight and age. You may not be overweight but you may still develop this unsightly though common problem. It can be due to an accumulation of fat, genetics, sagging skin or a combination of the above factors.

If you aren’t quite ready or open to the idea of going down the surgical route for Double Chin Reduction, the CoolMini treatment is your next best bet to free up your double trouble. 67% of consumers are bothered by submental fat and CoolMini is a no-needle solution that’s here to help. By employing the original fat-freezing technology of CoolSculpting, this FDA approved treatment modality melts down the undesirable pocket of under-jaw fat by destroying fat cells, reducing the appearance of submental fullness or double chins. Studies show that 83% of patients were satisfied with their result, and 8 out of 10 would recommend the procedure.

Jawline definition

A poorly defined jawline secondary to heavy jowls and saggy overlying skin stands in the way of a V-line face. Ulthera Lite is the go-to treatment to help restore a weak jawline without needles and the need to go under the knife. Utilizing focused ultrasound as an energy source which penetrates deep into the dermis to stimulate the deeper layers of collagen located there, Ulthera results in deep tissue lifting and overall skin tightening. 

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