Unwanted Facial and Body Hair

Unwanted Facial and Body Hair

There was a time when excess facial and body hair was acceptable. In the prehistoric era, hair that covered the bodies of the early humans protected them from the cold and harsh elements in the environment. Fast forward to 17th Century Europe and hair in the ladies’ underarms was actually considered sexy. Not today though. In several modern societies, exposure in public of body hair other than head hair, eyelashes and eyebrows is generally considered to be unsanitary, unfeminine and unattractive. Women and even men desire to have that clean smooth look on their legs, underarms, bikini line, and upper lip. Unwanted hair will appear less than lady-like. Some men complain to us that they look very scruffy and unshaven by the end of the day, thanks to a very active beard. With this cultural shift, the modern lady, and more and more men now, are looking for ways to reduce unwanted hair growth.

The cheapest and possibly the most convenient of all hair removal methods is probably manual shaving. Using a razor, it cuts the hair from the roots, leaving a temporarily smooth feel of the skin on the legs, arms, underarms, upper lip and bikini line. Razor burns or accidental cuts is a common downside of shaving, and having red and inflamed exposed skin is certainly not part of the game plan. Furthermore, fine hair inevitably grows back thicker, making hair darker and more visible with prolonged, repeated shaving.

Tweezing is another way seen to be better at keeping hair regrowth to a minimum. However, it is a very time-consuming and somewhat painful method because one needs to pluck out the hair strand one at a time.

Waxing is another popular option of epilation. It involves softening up strips of hair coated with wax, and then with a sudden motion, pulling out the wax strips with the hair clinging on, therefore removing it. For sensitive skins, waxing may cause a similar issue of skin irritation. Not unlike shaving, ingrown hair with the penchant to leave behind dark unsightly marks is another possible and extremely annoying skin condition that one got to deal. All in all, the criticism to all these self-help methods is that hair will grow again, and when they do so, they tend to return with a vengeance.

If you have had enough of unsightly stubbles and irksome ingrown hairs, or have been frustrated at other treatments that do not deliver, permanent LASER HAIR REMOVAL is the answer you are looking for.

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