Excessive Sweating

Messing Up Your Shirts From The Heat?

BTX For Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) 

Sweating is a natural phenomenon In humans. In some, natura l perspiration is excessive and interferes our activities of daily living. Medically known as Hyperhldrosls, excessive sweating can be effectively treated with BTX microinjections to the affected area(s) to cull the potential social embarrassment associated with it.

In fact, celebrities such as Halle Berry and Emma Stone have been known to get a little underarm BTX before award season as sweat stains do not photographed well, nor are they an option when you're put in a really expensive couture gown on loan. Uncontrollable sweating on the palms may cause severe psychological, social and professional distress. Difficulty in handling paper, writing (blotching, smearing), buttoning, using electronic equipment and fear of shaking hands are commonly reported.

Instead of paralyzing moving muscles to iron out lines, BTX works on the glandular muscles that control sweat secretion to tackle localized profuse sweating. The treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete and pain is virtually negligible especially when topical anaesthetic cream Is used for numbing prior to the BTX microinjections. Generally, the drying effects achieved can last about six months and works equally well for sweaty palms, soles and scalp.

You don't have to continue struggling with a wet shirt on your back.

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