Body Contouring

Science and Tech For A More Attractive Curves

While a waifish figure might have enjoyed brief moments of popularity in the 1920s and swinging 60s, it is the hourglass figure that stood the test of time as the quintessential symbol of femininity. Backed by scientific studies suggesting that the form has a distinct evolutionary advantage in addition to a social one, women all over are looking to achieve the classic combo of ample chest, wasp waist and full hips that defines the curvaceous hourglass silhouette. An hourglass shape is about feminine curvaceous contours that are pleasing to the eyes, not overhanging bulges and jiggly bits that no women of any body shape will look good with.

Unfortunately, normal aging, previous pregnancies and hormonal changes due to menopause are just some of the common factors that affect a woman’s metabolism throughout her life, making it increasingly difficult for her to reach her happy weight and desirable body shape. All is not lost with the development of scientifically proven, and medically safe body contouring devices perfected in recent years, making it possible to achieve targeted fat loss and body shaping in stubborn areas to give you the preferred silhouette without the need to go under the knife. 

The Solution

Fat-Freezing is the popular choice with dealing with stubborn fat, one such treatment that is often used is coolsculpting.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some shapes are more attractive than others.

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