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Ulthera Service

“Ulthera Gives You The Effect Of A Facelift Without Looking Like You’ve Had Any Surgery”

Ulthera Has Been Featured On Entertainment Tonight, FOX, Hallmark and ABC

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Imagine that each cell on your face is like a ticking clock, moving forward in time, aging.

As it moves forward in time your skin loosens, collagen is lost and your features start to develop undesirable drooping effects. The only thing you wish for as you stare helplessly into the mirror is for a chance to turn back the clock!

If you want tighter skin which you had when you were younger…

If you want admiring glances…

If you want to boost your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image…

Ulthera can turn your desires into reality and the treatment is available right here in Singapore. Ulthera is the only device cleared by the FDA for skin tightening for the neck and brows. Time and again, our patients are experiencing the lifting effects that are consistent, safe and predictable.

Using ultrasound technology, Ulthera stimulates your skin to produce the all-important collagen, which in turn repairs and reverses age-related damage. No downtime, no scars. Just a noticeable lift of all your features. Everyone will wonder what your secret is. Ulthera.

Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

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Coolsculpting Service

“Introducing The Clinically Proven Coolsculpting by Dr Harold Ma, MBBS (Singapore).”

With a lunch time procedure, you can finally get rid of stubborn excess fat that has been eating at your self-image and confidence. Be the envy of others, finally fit into that dress you’ve been dreaming of, strut with confidence in your new body and be showered with praiseworthy comments on your new trimmer look.

In the same time it takes for you to eat a hearty meal, here are a few body parts you transform into a size or two smaller:

  • Arms: say goodbye to flabby “bye-bye arms” that jiggle long after you’ve stopped waving
  • Thighs: thunder thighs be gone!
  • Hips & Waist: finally slide into that dress you’ve been longing for
  • Muffin top & love handles: no other non-invasive treatment can be more effective at reducing this menace

The best part about Coolsculpting is that it involves none of the traditional elements of surgical fat loss.

This means there’s absolutely no:

X Injections

X Scapels

X Cutting

X Needles

X Downtime

X Surgery

Here’s how it works:

Developed by doctors and scientists at Harvard Medical School (ranked #1 globally), Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells underneath your skin and allowing your body to naturally remove the “frozen” and dead fat cells. Because fat freezes faster than other cells, there’s no damage to surrounding tissues.

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FUE Hair Transplant Service

Do you feel helpless about your hair loss, despite all your past efforts? Are people around you commenting that you are losing hair very quickly? Do you wish you could have a youthful, healthy hair line again?

TODAY things are about to change. Because you’ve discovered one of the very few medically proven methods of hair loss restoration.

Many men and women have walked through our doors to get their hair loss problems under control with a painless FUE hair transplant. When you come in for a consultation you’ll see the “before and after” pictures clearly showing the dramatic effects of our hair transplantation surgery.

What makes FUE hair transplant so effective? The secret lies in the sides and back of your head. It has been shown that hair at the sides and back of the human head are resistant to hair fall and ideal for transplantation to the more needy areas of your scalp, such as the front and top.

As a result, hairs from these regions are able to give you a long lasting hair line when transplanted properly. At Freia, we utilize this powerful “secret” as a foundation to building a thicker and natural hairline for you, even if you’ve been balding for a few years.

We have been restoring hairlines for many years and we have a very developed protocol to achieve long lasting results, every time. Hair restoration starts with properly diagnosing the type and severity of hair thinning. We use the Norwood-Hamilton classification scale. The Ludwig classification system is used for assessing female hair loss. Take a look in the mirror and see which grading you fall under.

norwood hair loss

Norwood Classification System




Ludwig Classification System

Once that step is completed, the next is in determining the number of grafts needed to cover the thinning areas with a hair design that is both youthful and natural. Those who never knew you would never know you had a hair procedure, unless you tell them your secret.

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ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

ARTAS hair transplant

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System is the latest in hair transplant techonology. Faster, Safer, Better.

Welcome To The Future – ARTAS Robotic Technology Has Arrived

At Freia, Dr Ma constantly strives to be at the forefront of surgical hair restoration techniques and technology to improve results for our patients.

We are proud to be one of the first in Singapore and Asia to announce the arrival of the ARTAS robotic hair restoration technology, as part of our latest offering to our patients. The ARTAS physician-guided robotic system is the most technologically advanced method worldwide to perform non-invasive Follicullar Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures for our patients.

The ARTAS system carefully harvests follicular units with minimal wastage, using the latest digital technology. Laser-guided, precision robotics harvest permanent hair follicles from the back of the head individually. The grafts are then transplanted into balding or thinning areas where they will grow permanently and with a completely natural appearance.

The Dr Ma Advantage With ARTAS

The precision of ARTAS must be coupled with the experience, skill and artistry of the surgeon in order to achieve the best results. It is not only the harvesting but the transplanting of the donor hair that sets apart a clinically successful outcome and a truly aesthetic success.

Here at Freia, patients benefit from unprecedented precision and control with the ARTAS harvesting technology, coupled with Dr Ma’s extensive experience in hair restoration, design and artistry. The outcome is a completely natural hairline, with minimum wastage of precious grafts. Using specially developed pain control techniques, our procedure is truly painless throughout, even in the post-op period.

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