November 7, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Hair Transplant

1. You are losing self confidence and affected by your thinning hair.

It is not about vanity. A 2005 European study showed that hair loss can affect one's self-esteem negatively.

We see ourselves differently when our hair thins. We feel helpless and frustrated as we see our hair fall out and our look becomes less attractive as scalp starts to show. This can even lead to depression.

Another study concluded that observers rated someone up to 8 years older when the same person had thinner hair. Our hair forms an integral part of our image and how we express our individuality. Good hair is a sign of vitality and youth and unfortunately, the converse is just as true.

2. You have tried many other treatments that promised a miracle but instead, only left your wallet lighter.

Not to mention the countless hours spent going for such treatments. Including the purchase of many varied, as well as pricey hair growth products on the internet, spent a lot of time daily using the products, only to be disappointed time and time again.

A hair transplant on the other hand, is an effective and scientifically proven medical procedure to address thinning issues. The results are long lasting and natural too.

Instead of shooting in the dark, sometimes all it takes is a well-informed medical consult with a professional that is very familiar with hair and scalp issues.

3.  You are spending an unhealthy amount of time just worrying about your hair 

A hair transplant is typically maintenance-free. The transplanted hair we use for implantation, is our own healthy, live and growing hair.

There are therefore no repeat visits to a hair centre, for example, to get the wig cleaned up, to reapply glue to the scalp to stick on the wig, etc. There is no time-consuming costly treatments in the hair spa to try to salvage thinning hair.

4. You keep wondering if people will notice your wig or attempts to hide your visible scalp

A well-performed hair transplant looks very natural as an end result. If a hair transplant is done with proper care, no one will ever know it is the work of a doctor.

It should be done to look just as mother-nature intended and almost impossible to differentiate visually. Conversely, if it is done badly, the results are also permanent and often hard to remedy, so choose the clinic wisely.

5. You really are looking for a long-term proven solution to your hair loss

Hair transplants are one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in recent years, compared with other minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Many more are discovering the advantages and benefits of a hair transplant. This shows that the technology has arrived, is widely accepted and we have less to fear or worry about a hair transplant not achieving its goals. With advancement in instruments, technology and skills, a hair transplant is no longer like hair transplants of yester-year.

Compared to the older strip (FUT) hair transplant technique, the newer FUE (follicular unit extraction) does not involve cutting open the scalp or stitching — which is fairly invasive.

The instrument for harvesting hairs is less than 1mm in diameter,  and the procedure is akin to plucking hair out randomly from the donor area. This ensures minimal scarring and a FUE is therefore much more acceptable for all the above-mentioned reasons.

The modern FUE hair transplant is classified as a minimally invasive, low risk, highly predictable procedure (in the right hands). Hence, it is important to do your research to find the right clinic with relevant experience and track record. Don't leave your hair and your looks to chance.

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