August 4, 2022

9 Signs That Hair Loss Is Affecting The Man In Your Life

1. He is constantly checking his hair in the mirror, taking selfies of his hair

As his hair starts to thin, it is usually only noticeable to himself initially. He can feel the hair is different, it is getting more difficult to style or hide the gaps peeking through. So he constantly checks his hair and it can become quite habitual.

To his horror, the gaps are still there, the white of the scalp is peeking through and there is no denying the hair loss. He may even end up trying to document and monitor his hair by taking photographs serially to try and understand if his hair is getting worse with time. It may not be so easy to take pictures of the top or back of the head in a consistent manner, making things even more challenging. Or a loved one may be tasked to help with the photo taking.

2. He keeps adjusting his hair

He tries to adjust or comb his hair repeatedly throughout the day in order to hide the thinning that is staring at him in the mirror. Even with the slightest breeze or fan blowing, he may be very worried his hair is blown out of shape to expose the balding zones.

Consciously or unconsciously, he may also adjust his hair whenever there is a mirror in sight. 

3. He is asking you repeatedly if you think his hair is thinning, and it is starting to become annoying.

Very often, he may rely on close family or friends to help reassure him or to give him the bare naked truth. The wife or girlfriend tends to be the goto person for an honest answer. And it can become an unhealthy obsession to know if his hair has changed since the last check.

4. He is suddenly into wearing caps

Man Wearing White Cap To Hide hair Loss

Caps are a great way to hide any thinning. A person can look so dramatically different when he wears his cap, compared to when he takes it off to reveal his thinning scalp. We hear of men who will never leave home without their cap, or they are never seen without a cap, even indoors and regardless of the occasion.

This may be a tell-tale sign the hair loss is affecting the individual, who resorts to covering up to feel better about his hair situation.

5. He spends an inordinate amount of time styling his hair

Many try to style and hold their hair in position in order to reduce the visible thinning. If your partner spends a long time getting ready, especially taking extra time on his hair, using lots of hair spray and wax, he may be affected by the hair loss more than he likes the world to see.

6. He buys one hair tonic and serum after another

There are thousands of hair products and scalp treatments promising to regrow thinning hair, but only a few that has the proven track record and scientific evidence to back the marketing claims.

In a futile bid to save his hair, he may use many different hair growth products. If you see a lot of hair growth products accumulating on the bathroom shelves, you know he is desperately rotating through lots of ineffective hair treatments, only to be disappointed by the lack of meaningful results.

Do read about our article about effective hair loss treatments here.

7. He is affected when people comment on his thinning hair

He may grow insecure, edgy and even stressed about his appearance. He may even openly mention his unhappiness or his fears to his most trusted family or loved ones.

It is good not to ignore these pleas! It is important to instead support him and to address his concerns.

8. He buys concealers, hair fibres to cover up any thinning

As the thinning progresses, some resort to using hair fibres, concealers to mask the thinning to create a fuller effect. This is time consuming and limits one's activities like going to the gym or swimming. Sweat and water will wash off these cosmetic products so it may not be ideal in certain situations.

In the more extreme scenario, some may even wear a wig. While a wig looks great, it may be impractical in Singapore's hot, humid climate. Wigs also requires regular maintenance visits to the wig centre. Some feel they are "cheating the world" and are concerned others will find out their deepest secret and lead to an embarrassing event, so this further builds the sense of shame (which shouldn't be since treatments are available). 

9. He is reluctant to go swimming or gets very self conscious when it's gets windy

Wet hair or strong winds are the enemy of a thinning scalp. Some men find that they are very self-conscious whenever they step out of the shower, go swimming or when it is very windy as the hair may be messed up to expose how thin his hair has become.

Why Bring This Up?

Physical conditions can sometimes affect a person's mental wellness. Issues such as hair loss are sensitive as certain cultures and social perceptions view hair as a sign of virility.

Someone struggling  with hair loss may exhibit increased irritability, emotional insecurity and gradual social isolation. And if left unchecked, worsening hair loss may even strain relationships around them.

As a medical professional, my advice is to get a hair consultation done soonest possible so that the scientifically-proven hair treatments can be used. There are modern laser treatments, topical creams, scalp sprays, injectible treatments and even hair transplants to address various types of hair loss symptoms.

We at Freia believe that there's really no reason to suffer in silence with treatable conditions such as hair loss, given how many modern treatments are available these days. There's really no need to have any stigma attached to hair loss when there are options for hair loss reversal!

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