March 9, 2020

What to look out for when choosing a CoolSculpting clinic?

If you could lay your hands on a designer bag at a fraction of the usual cost, would you really care about its authenticity? With many high street labels churning out their own interpretation, competing with attractively priced factory replicas flooding online shops, it is little wonder that one is tempted to cross over to the fashion dark side. While the biggest risk with swinging a fake arm candy is probably the potential embarrassment of being called out by your fashion-savvy frenemies, there are much bigger issues when we are talking about beauty treatments in the world of aesthetics practice. It’s not just simply a dilemma from the moral standpoint, but rather safety margin and efficacy heading a list of queries that’s on my mind.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas such as the lower abdomen and love handles by employing advanced German Zimmer technology. Fat freezes at a lower temperature than skin, muscles and surrounding tissues and this is the core science behind the technology of fat freezing known medically as cryolipolysis. For generic platforms of lesser make, strict quality control might not be put in place. At the wrong temperature, a few scenarios could crop up, ranging from the minor to the major—

  1. The fat simply does not break down as expected.
  2. If the freezing is not done uniformly, you could end up with lumpiness over the treated areas.
  3. If the temperature is colder than intended, you may suffer from cold burns of the overlying skin, a complication not seen with the original Coolsculpting technology due to its built-in safety mechanism and rigorous testing before it was even launched for public consumption.


At Freia Medical we have not one, but two original CoolSculpting systems to better address your body contouring needs. Otherwise known as “dual sculpting”, instead of treating one single area at a time, we are able to engage two fat-busting applicators at any point in time. Dual sculpting greatly reduces patients’ time spent for the treatment process, allowing them to receive their fat reduction procedure and achieve their body sculpting transformation even more quickly. In addition, we are equipped with the full range of the latest generation of Coolsculpting applicators to tackle the varying needs of different individuals. As even smaller frame ladies are not immune to unwanted stubborn pockets of fat, we have added the newly developed CoolAdvantage Petite applicators to give us the complete repertoire, addressing the varying silhouette sculpting needs of anyone, regardless of shape or size. As our body contouring motto says it all -

“If you can pinch it, we can freeze it.”


CoolSculpting was first approved by the FDA for the treatment of targeted fat loss in 2010 and is available at Freia Medical since 2012. Our CoolSculpting team consists of doctors and nurses trained and certified with continuing upgrade of knowledge from its principal developer to better meet your fat freezing needs. In addition, complementary silhouette shaping modalities are available at our centre to enhance the results of your body contouring efforts.

To enhance the outcome of CoolSculpting, shortening the recovery period with better end results noticeable earlier, CoolSculpting Plus combines CoolSculpting with X-Wave, an FDA approved treatment from BTL Aesthetics. X-Wave is performed immediately over the treated area(s) with an add-on advantage, utilising acoustic shockwaves therapy to enhance lymphatic drainage and sluggish blood circulation for better elimination and metabolism of the dying fat cells. 

Backed up by scientific studies and tested by clinical experts, X-Lift engages the FDA approved Exilis Ultra 360 system to provide an advanced, non-surgical alternative to lift and tighten sagging, loose skin over area(s) treated with CoolSculpting. By engaging a unique combination of ultrasound waves and radiofrequency (RF) to systematically heat up skin to various depths, X-Lift Body boosts the results achievable with CoolScultping alone, resulting in both fat reduction and skin tightening. Circumferential reduction, cellulite smoothening and textural gains are some of the reported benefits with consistent use.


Freia Medical is inducted as a member of “CLUB 500” by the licensed distributor, an honour which recognizes centres that completed 500 or more cycles of CoolSculpting treatments in the year 2018 alone.