December 10, 2019

Get Your skin Christmas Ready

The holiday season is descending upon us, and whether you’re a social butterfly with back-to-back Christmas soirees and Countdown parties to attend, or a home girl looking forward to an intimate family get-together, this is definitely the time you want to look your absolute best. It’s not just about the perfect holiday dress or those head-turning killer heels, looking good and positively radiant for the festivities begins with the right skincare to prep yourself for this season’s best holiday makeup trends.

Eat right for your feasting rights

Holiday weight gain is a well-documented worldwide phenomenon and in the United States, researchers found that weight began to rise throughout October and November, and peaked 10 days after Christmas. The change wasn’t large, but the average gain of 1.3 pounds (0.59 kg) was definitely significant, and wasn’t lost till about 5 months later post Easter if they are ever shed.

As much as the infectious holiday mood is in the air, curb the urge to partake in munching and sampling bites in the lead up to the festive feasting. “Before an anticipated caloric splurge, partake in some form of physical activities such as brisk walking or stairs climbing to rev up your metabolism.” Advises Dr. Toby Hui, “Be aware of food traps such as sauces and alcoholic beverages, choosing a wide variety of foods in controlled portions to allow yourself to enjoy the holiday feasting without the guilt trip that often come with it.”

Set the base with a glowing complexion

The key to work your way up as the belle of the ball starts with bringing your complexion to stellar status, priming your skin to a clean slate and prep it as the perfect canvas to paint on any desired holiday trend. This is not the time to pinch pennies as a Christmas Scrooge, so bid adieu to lacklustre and dull-looking skin with sound investment that matters. Freia’s Pico Intense treatment uses the original PicoSure laser by Cynosure in a skin smoothening protocol specially designed to harvest maximum benefits with minimum downtime. Tailored to the specific needs of different individuals, bespoke settings dictating specific intensities are customized accordingly to stimulate collagen and elastic tissue production with appreciable improvement in skin tone, pore size, skin pigmentation and uneven skin discoloration. Round it up with a soothing algae Marine green mask to calm down agitated skins and soothe blemishes, you might even be tempted to dare to go bare-faced minimal this Christmas!

All that glitters take effort

When it comes to makeup for the holidays, it’s all about metallics, shimmer, glitter and sparkle. A low cost, high impact way to instantaneously glamorised any get-up taking it from day to night, this celebratory trend does however demand a bit of effort to materialise its intended sass. Glittery products always look fabulous when you swipe them on the back of your hand, but it’s often a real struggle to make them work equally well on your face. The reflective nature of such products make them less forgiving especially on mature skin, enhancing eyelid creases and accentuating fine lines rather than the flatteringly dewy seduction as one has on her mind. The trick is not to be too heavy handed when it comes to shimmer, or take the trend a notch lower, opting for subtle glittery eyeliner instead of full on bedazzling eye shadow.

As the skin around our eyes are much thinner than the rest of the body to begin with, wrinkles, fine lines and skin crepiness are most noticeable here as we aged, with eyelids drooping and heading south but in a sensuous ‘bedroom eyes’ manner NOT! 

Neogen Plasma Eyelift is the go to treatment that engages gaseous plasma energy to tighten and rejuvenate tired upper and lower eyelid skin in a safe and effective manner. This skin regeneration treatment uses plasma to deliver heat to targeted areas without affecting the surrounding tissues. Known as the 4th state of matter, plasma energy is created using inert nitrogen gas that is converted into activated ionized gas. By stimulating contraction and tightening of loose skin with minimal downtime, it restores skin’s elasticity and enable crepey, saggy eyelids to spring back to a more youthful-looking state. Best done in a series of 4 to 6 sessions at monthly interval, Neogen miraculously restores the twinkle lost with time in aging peepers, allowing them to continue to sparkle with holiday cheer, long after all the seasonal paraphernalia that glitters is retired.

Body-shopped not photo-shopped

There are choices aplenty when it comes to holiday dressing, with a plethora of designs and fabric choices that serve to flatter any silhouette in all shapes and sizes. But let’s be honest about it. For any girl worthy of her IG hits to the tune of thousands with each party selfie upload, the bodycon dress is unanimously voted as the head-turning de rigueur attire for the holidays. While it’s not difficult to find a style that’ll hide your flaws to showcase your figure in the best possible light, there’s nothing quite like a figure hugging dress to empower you with confidence, making grown men weak in the knees and women green with envy.

Raise the stakes of your game and fast track yourself to that hourglass figure with Exilis Ultra 360, a non-invasive, FDA approved procedure with zero downtime that can be scheduled with minimal disruption to your holiday shopping. A body contouring technology, Exilis combines radiofrequency and ultrasound in a synergistic manner for overall toning, circumferential reduction, cellulite smoothening and textural improvements. Dreams of looking astonishing from every angle with curves to slip into an Azzedine Alaïa’s bandage dress to a T may very well be a reality after 6 to 8 sessions done at regular intervals, so start planning ahead to get you the desired mileage.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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