September 11, 2019

What is the one most important physical feature in males?

I've been an aesthetic doctor for 13 years and counting. I consider myself very fortunate to do something I love: that is listening to patients and doing my best to solve their cosmetic concerns. In the course of treating patients, listening to their concerns and woes, I noticed a trend in men: that a man does not need to be very good looking or have porcelain smooth skin, or be in tip top fitness and shape. He could have wrinkles, a bit of facial sag and eye bags and still be considered to look distinguished and attractive. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the 1 thing i find that inevitably makes a man appear a lot older, a lot less confident, even appearing sickly in some instances, is a thinning scalp. Unfortunately, due to societal and cultural perceptions, hair is synonymous with strength, power, confidence and even health and I consider it the most important attribute of a man's appearance. Why is the global hair industry in 2018 worth an estimated 87 billion dollars?* The answer is simple and obvious: because hair health is a reflection of our personality, because good hair is a sign of youthfulness and vitality. Whether there is any real basis or not, our biased eye forms an impression and sizes someone up within seconds. This is innate and springs from a biological instinct. As a result, the modern man and woman will invest a significant chunk of their income to cut, colour, condition and restore their hair to its optimum luscious state.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

A study by the Crown hair transplant clinic in Manchester showed that thinning hair was perceived to add the most number of years to a person's appearance, more than wrinkles, being overweight, facial hair, etc. The study showed that Prince William in particular appeared 8 years older than his actual age of 37. 

Men Who Are Experiencing Thinning Hair Or Going Bald

In some instances, for those males who are thinning or going bald, shaving their head is a good option. This usually applies to those who are well-built, have a good head shape and other facial features that would support such a look. In these cases, a man with a shaved head, who dressed sharp and had a confident personality to match, was perceived to be more powerful, more intimidating than his peers. This is why villains are often portrayed as shaved, tough men. There are a few amongst us who actually look better, earn more money than if they had hair. Think Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis, to name a few. These are exceptions rather than the rule.

For men who are suffering from thinning hair, fret not. There are a lot of established and scientifically proven methods to stop the hair loss and restore your hair to its former glory. Eating right, having a good lifestyle, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are important foundations for good health and hair. Keeping the scalp oil and dirt free, well nourished are highly recommended. In some instances, hair growth sprays like minoxidil, oral hair growth medication like finasteride and dutasteride treat male pattern hair loss very effectively. In the more serious cases of hair loss, the right candidates will benefit greatly from a hair transplant.

Hair loss can be a very isolating journey. Most people will not understand what the fuss is all about when it comes to thinning hair, until one experiences hair loss himself. We have seen how restoring hair can make a grwat difference to a patient's quality of life.

Think Hair, Think Dr. Harold

*Global hair care market size 2012-2024, M. Shahbandeh

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