October 13, 2013

FUE Hair Transplant Service

Do you feel helpless about your hair loss, despite all your past efforts? Are people around you commenting that you are losing hair very quickly? Do you wish you could have a youthful, healthy hair line again?

TODAY things are about to change. Because you’ve discovered one of the very few medically proven methods of hair loss restoration.

Many men and women have walked through our doors to get their hair loss problems under control with a painless FUE hair transplant. When you come in for a consultation you’ll see the “before and after” pictures clearly showing the dramatic effects of our hair transplantation surgery.

What makes FUE hair transplant so effective? The secret lies in the sides and back of your head. It has been shown that hair at the sides and back of the human head are resistant to hair fall and ideal for transplantation to the more needy areas of your scalp, such as the front and top.

As a result, hairs from these regions are able to give you a long lasting hair line when transplanted properly. At Freia, we utilize this powerful “secret” as a foundation to building a thicker and natural hairline for you, even if you’ve been balding for a few years.

We have been restoring hairlines for many years and we have a very developed protocol to achieve long lasting results, every time. Hair restoration starts with properly diagnosing the type and severity of hair thinning. We use the Norwood-Hamilton classification scale. The Ludwig classification system is used for assessing female hair loss. Take a look in the mirror and see which grading you fall under.

norwood hair loss

Norwood Classification System




Ludwig Classification System

Once that step is completed, the next is in determining the number of grafts needed to cover the thinning areas with a hair design that is both youthful and natural. Those who never knew you would never know you had a hair procedure, unless you tell them your secret.

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