July 9, 2013

FAQs Before Choosing A Filler For The Face, Chin or Nose

Dermal fillers are an excellent option To reduce wrinkles around your mouth, or any other facial attribute, for that matter.  Fillers are very commonly used today to restore youthful facial beauty. They can be injected into the skin by a well-trained and experienced doctor and thus offer an excellent less costly alternative to plastic surgery.

Where To Apply The Filler:

Look at your face in the mirror and observe which areas are causing you to look tired, wrinkled and gaunt. If your skin is starting to wrinkle with age, its fullness can be restored by the use of a filler. If you have vertical lines above the lips and between your eyes, the wrinkles can be softened. Fillers can also add volume to your lips and improve acne scars by filling them up. After identifying the zones which need to be treated, your doctor will help choose the type of filler which will be perfect for you.

Which Type Of Filler To Choose:

Keep in mind that there are several types of fillers. Speak to a qualified, reputable doctor to get an idea of the right filler for your needs. for the most commonly used are the hyaluronic acid fillers which will last up to a year. There are longer lasting types of fillers, such as juvederm voluma, restylane sub-Q poly-l lactic acid or calcium hydoxylapatite which have a lifespan of approximately 18 months.

Understand How They Work:

First of all, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. Dermal fillers are then injected under the skin with the help of a tiny needle in the scars to correct lines or wrinkles, or to sharpen the nose. Mild pain may be experienced by the patient which will resolve very quickly. Certain side effects like allergic reaction, bruises or bacterial infection may also occur though the chances of these occurring are very marginal.

Choose a physician carefully before having any cosmetic procedure done. Ask around for references of a good doctor and speak to the prospective doctor to get a sense of his style. He should have a lot of “before and after” photographs of his own patients for reference. your selection of the type and brand of filler should be guided by the characteristics of the filler, including the safety profile, reputation, longevity, etc..

Only when you are satisfied that the doctor performing your procedure is experienced and you have a full understanding of the type of filler used, should you proceed with the facial filler procedure.