June 4, 2013

What To Expect Before, During And After Coolsculpting


Coolsculpting (Singapore) is the effective way to lose unwanted fat bulges in healthy individuals. Now that you have made a decision to get rid of the unsightly fat bulge, do speak to a clinic that offers this procedure. Upon the doctor’s assessment that you are suitable for Cryolipolysis by Coolsculpting, you should discuss with the doctor which areas you would like to be treated.


The area to be treated will be marked out. You will then be made to lie down on a couch. A special moist lining will be applied to the area, this looks much like a wet towelette. It may be a little cold as it is applied to the skin, because it is wet. The next step is for the nurse to position the applicator onto the area itself. Once in position, the suction will be activated. You will feel a strange sensation of your skin being sucked at. It is not painful, it just feels slightly strange. Within moments, this sensation will quickly fade off. The Coolsculpting Crylipolysis cycle will then begin, and is expected to last one hour for optimal results. Apart from feeling slight cold at the area, most report that they do not feel anything at all. As such, you will be able to work on your laptop, watch television, read a magazine or even doze off. It is that simple.

Immediately after

Once the cycle is completed, the nurse will remove the applicator from the area. The treated area will feel very very cold, like a frozen slab of butter. It will also appear reddish. This is normal and is due to the suction action as well as the cold. There will be no pain whatsoever. The next important step is for the nurse to massage the area carefully for a few minutes. Thereafter, you can get ready to go home.

One week post procedure

The area may feel a little sore and appear slightly bruised. This is usually very mild and highly tolerable. These effects will resolve within a week or two for most.

One month post procedure

You will start to notice the changes to the area, as the fat is flushed out of your body. The resistant fat bulge that previously refused to go away will gradually disappear. This will continue for the next two to three months. You will enjoy your new shape for a long time to come, as long as you lead a sensible and healthy lifestyle. Coolsculpting is the cool new way to freeze away unwanted fat through its unique Cryolipolysis process.