June 4, 2013

Surgical Versus Non-surgical Option To Reduce Unwanted Fat

For many of us, who are not obese or over-weight, we still have the desire to get rid of certain bits of unwanted fat that was not there before our pregnancy, or fat that simply will not go away despite our best efforts at dieting and exercise. For example, the most bothersome parts are usually the lower tummy, the love handles, the lower back fat (saddle back), flabby arms and maybe the inner and outer thigh bulges.

This is where professional help may be needed to help us attain that silhouette that we always wanted. We are faced with two main categories of treatment options and hopefully this post will help decide which is more suitable.

Non Surgical Option

With the advent of many non-invasive options in the market, we have the freedom to choose effective non-surgical options that can help us shed unwanted fatty tissue in the most troublesome areas. Zeltiq Coolsculpting is one such example of a non-invasive treatment option. Based on a new and original technique to freeze the fat until it crystallizes, the procedure can painlessly remove up to 25% of the unwanted fat with each treatment. It is US FDA approved for fat clearance.

This is a never heard-before achievement for non-surgical, non-invasive removal of fatty tissue. No needles, no pain, no downtime. Many patients will choose this option because it is almost 100% safe, without the need to take time off work and yet is effective. On a user-review forum in the US called realself.com, it was reported that Zeltiq Coolsculpting ranked number one in terms of patient satisfaction compared with other non-invasive treatment options such as Zerona or Ultrashape (note that these do not have FDA clearance for fat reduction). As busy individuals who do not have much time for rest and recovery, this option is a really good way to lose your fat painlessly. Lose your love handles while you watch tv? Now you can.

It is best for those with mild to moderate fat bulges, and not excessive fatty tissue. Patients can also choose to do the procedure many times over, but research shows that most patients will only need to undergo 1 to 3 treatments per area for the best results. Results normally take 2 months to show, so be patient and you will reap the rewards of Cryolipolysis, by Zeltiq Coolsculpting.

Surgical Option

The most established surgical option to remove unwanted fatty tissue is the process called liposuction. It involves mild sedation to maximize comfort for the patient. In addition, a local anaesthetic is infused into the treated area for numbing effects. The unwanted fatty tissue is now primed to be removed with a gentle suction device. The amount of fatty tissue that can be removed in one session can be substantial, but this in turn depends on a host of patient factors.

Do note that most doctors will tell you that it is not advisable to remove too much fat as this may lead to loose skin folds, among other considerations. As this is a surgical procedure, be prepared that there will be some recovery time, usually ranging from 3 to 10 days. With newer liposuction techniques developed, such as Vaser Liposelection, there is some skin tightening associated with the procedure as seen first-hand in some patients. While the results with Vaser Liposelection or other forms of liposuction remain the most effective and dramatic, it is reserved only for those in good health and do not mind the associated surgical risks.

Liposuction remains a very popular option for some patients but you should speak to your doctor to see which method is more suitable for you.