June 4, 2013

Basics of Pigmentation

All About Pigmentation

Skin color has always been a touchy subject. It’s because the color of one’s skin has always been linked to ideas about beauty. The catch is that discussions about beauty can actually be misleading. Some widely held notions and beliefs regarding beauty are fiercely held on to, and it is not that easy to change them. And when you talk about the aesthetics of skin color, pigmentation is sure to be a hot topic.

The color of one’s skin is dependent upon the amount of melanin that is found in the skin. It could be white and seemingly pinkish, and it could also be dark brown or almost black in its outward appearance. Pigmentation dictates whether there are some blemishes found in the color of the skin, or if the skin is almost purely white or dark. Genetics play a major part in the different types of skin color occurring among various races of people, but there are also other factors that can be considered.

Many people all over the world have issues about pigmentation. After all, beauty is something that men and women alike regard as a serious matter. The ideal has always been to have nearly perfect skin, devoid of any blemishes and spots. It is little wonder then that excessive pigmentation has been found undesirable by many.

Whatever the cause of pigmentation, be it through the genes or even through aging, the fact is that people seek treatment for it. Various products are available in the market to fight off excessive pigmentation, as well as premature aging of the skin. Such products were developed to achieve the best color and type of skin possible. By this it means that aesthetics is partnered with medical science to ensure only the best results.

The combination of people’s concern for achieving utmost beauty and modern medical science has resulted in techniques such as laser-induced depigmentation, peeling for lightening of the skin, and other measures. These are measures designed to ensure that the kind of skin color one has is no longer viewed as a problem, aesthetically or otherwise.