June 4, 2013

New Applications For Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is fast becoming a very popular option for losing unwanted fat bulges. More and more people are discovering that they can lose their fat without the need to undergo surgery or impossible workout and diet routines. As long as they are in a healthy and stable weight range, they have proven to benefit from Coolsculpting’s Cryolipolysis treatment. Most people require between one to three sessions of treatment per area for the optimum results.

While the most popular areas remain the tummy region, namely the lower tummy, upper tummy, love handles and muffin top, we have also found that the inner and outer thighs, saddle back, lower back and arms respond very well too. Recently, we treated a client who complained of “fat knees” We found that the 6.2 applicator worked well to fit the area of concern of excess fatty tissue on her inner knees and we eagerly await results of that treatment. We will update our readers in due time. As results take up to two months to show, do stay tuned for any updates on how our clients fare.