June 4, 2013

iGrow Is The Answer To Thinning Hair In Females

A thinning scalp in females is thankfully a relatively rare occurrence, compared to the incidence of scalp thinning in men. However, due to cultural norms and expectations, it is much worse psychologically for a lady to go through hair thinning. Hair is much more important to a lady than a man in many cases and much more devastating to deal with. As such, it is important to treat early signs of hair loss in females, before the situation gets worse.

While men have the option of taking oral Propecia to combat hair loss, Propecia is not suitable for ladies, especially if they are planning to conceive or have not hit menopause. Hair transplant surgery may not be the first choice of patients. This is why Low Level Laser Hair Therapy (LLLT) is emerging as a very important tool for female pattern hair loss. Research has shown that laser light energy in the correct wavelength and intensity can stimulate latent hair follicles to start growing again. The laser energy is able to awaken sleeping hair follicles, initiating a growth phase in the scalp.

Without any need for needles, medication or pain, the iGrow LLLT helmet is used in the privacy and convenience at home, twice a week. It can be used in combination with hair stimulating shampoos, lotions and sprays. It is recommended to use for six months upwards. This helps to target a thinning scalp and results are usually noticed within months. Most users experience decreased hair loss, increased hair growth in terms of hair calibre, hair count and volume.