June 4, 2013

How To Avoid Unwanted Pigmentation From Forming

Our face is subject to a high intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on a daily basis. The cumulative effects of UV exposure leads to molecular damage of the skin. This results in unwanted and uneven pigment forming as we age. Our skin appear blotchy, dull, uneven and aged. Hence, we can develop freckles, solar lentigenes, age spots, liver spots or even melasma. How do we prevent such a phenomenon in the first place?


Good skin care involves a thorough and effective cleansing on a day to day basis. Your cleanser should be gentle, yet be able to wash off all the impurities, oil, make-up that accumulates throughout the day. A good cleanser is important to prevent clogging of pores and excessive build up of oil. On the other hand, it is important that the cleanser is not too harsh, stripping the skin of all essential protective barriers, leaving it parched and dry.


Toning is the next step and it is important to remove any residual impurities and make-up.


In the morning, we strongly advocate the use of a good quality Vitamin C (plus Vitamin E) serum after cleansing/toning. Our range of Vitamin C serums is designed to be stable and not degenerate with time, as vitamin C is inherently unstable if not prepared correctly. Vitamin C has a very powerful anti-oxidant effect to reverse the free radicals released when our skin is damaged from UV exposure, smoking and pollutants. This prevents skin damage and the inadvertent formation of pigmentation.

A good Vitamin C serum should also be able to penetrate deep into the skin for it to exert its effects. Not every Vitamin C serum in the market is made the same unfortunately. In addition, our Vitamin C serum has been demonstrated to have a “reservoir effect”. This means that with prolonged use, even if you miss a day of application, your face would have enough Vitamin C from previous days to tide you over.


Moisturizing the skin is very important to keep it supple and smooth. We recommend the Vitamin B5 serum, again designed for maximum penetration of the dermis along with great moisturizing properties. Hypo-allergenic, non-greasy and non-comedogenic, it works well on its own or as a super supplement to your own moisturizer. It can even be applied to the lips for a great effect.


In sunny Singapore, sunscreen is a very important step and we cannot over emphasize this last step. Use a good sunscreen that is PABA free and with good protection against both UVA an UVB wavelengths. A good sunscreen should be light, non greasy and yet effective. The best sunscreens provide about 50% protection from UV rays, hence the importance of combining the use of sunscreen with Vitamin C serums as discussed earlier.

With these few steps, start having greater, clearer skin in no time at all.

For pigmentation that has already formed, a depigmentation Medlite C6 laser, Cosmelan chemical peel, or certain whitening creams may be needed to reverse the unwanted pigmentation.

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