June 4, 2013

Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles are a very common presentation at our clinic for various reasons. The most obvious being the fact that dark eye circles affect many people of all ages. This problem can afflict even patients in their twenties. Secondly, dark eye circles can be troubling because it makes one appear very tired, and aged. A feature that we can surely do without! Dark eye circles can successfully treated, if we understand the few causes of the problem.

1. Tear trough or hollowing of infra-orbital rim (eye socket)

As we age, the underlying collagen, fat and skin in general thins down. This leads to a hollowing and sunken effect around the eye socket, resulting in what doctors term it as a tear-trough line. The simple solution to this is to replace the collagen and fat that has been lost, with a filler that lasts. We find that the Restylane filler works best for this purpose. Why? because of the nature of the filler, it looks very natural, has minimal risks of bruising and very little chance of lumpiness or creating a swollen appearance. This is not the case for other types of fillers, even very reputable brands. Lasting up to one year, patients like the results that a simple procedure such as Restylane filler injection can achieve. Filler injections should only be attempted by physicians who are very experienced in this field. Commonly, we see “botched’ jobs where the area appears lumpy, and less than satisfactory.

2. Pigmentation due to staining

Pigmentation of under-eye area can be due to poor lifestyle choices, such as late nights, consuming alcohol and cigarette smoking. Some of us are born with especially thin skin under the eyes, which can accentuate the dark eye circles effect. The discoloration is caused mainly by leaky blood vessels that stain the skin a purplish colour. The solution is to use a laser that can effectively lighten the unwanted pigmentation. The C6 Medlite laser safely and precisely targets the pigments, giving a refreshed, brighter appearance in as little as 4 monthly sessions. In certain cases, loose skin may be another contributing factor to crinkly, tired looking skin. A laser resurfacing procedure known as the Sciton Microlaserpeel is a great option to consider, to tighten and rejuvenate under-eye skin.

3. Wrinkles and muscle bulge around the eyes

As we age, the wrinkling may worsen dark eye circles, especially when we try to smile excessively. All it takes is for a little bit of Botox to reduce the wrinkling, that will result in a brighter, smoother appearance around the eyes. The use of a good eye balm will go a long way to protecting and maintaining youthful skin around the eyes. The Skinceuticals Eye Balm is highly recommended for this purpose.

4. Eye bags

Eye bags are another cause of dark eye circles, because the bulge from the eye fat casts a shadow, causing the dark circle phenomenon. Where indicated, surgery might be contemplated to address this issue. See a reputable oculoplastic or plastic surgeon who specializes in eye bags treatment for the best results.