June 2, 2013

Why Liposuction Is Mind Over Body


So you want to have a thin, contoured body but don’t set your mind to achieve this goal? While liposuction works, setting realistic expectations about what it can and cannot do will help you achieve better results and contentment. As with most diet regimens, a healthy state of mind and a dose of self-esteem always work wonders.

Experts from a credible aesthetic surgery centre offering liposuction say that liposuction is not a red pill one takes at night anticipating to wake up in an altogether extraordinary and more stunning body in the morning. Patients who undergo the procedure is expected to experience the results better if they have a positive and sound mind set especially with regards to the results.

Understanding What Liposuction Is And What It Is Not

Simply stated, liposuction is a process of suctioning fat deposits on the layer between the muscle and the skin. Only a doctor can conduct this procedure, so be sure to check for the credentials of a doctor. Do not ever work with someone with less credentials and expertise.

The procedure involves inserting a cannula, which is a stainless steel tube, into the area through small incisions. The liposuction cannula is then connected to a powerful suction pump to eliminate the fat. After the operation, the surgical incisions will heal on their own.

It is important to religiously follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions to make the incisions heal faster. Some patients take liposuction lightly thinking it is just one of those derma procedures. Infections and a reversal of the effects can happen if the home-care instructions are not followed.

Does Liposuction Solve The Fat Problem For Good?

In areas where the suction was made, yes. Fat accumulations do not come back in areas where liposuction has been employed. But, if a person has drastically gained weight, the prospect for the fat to be lodged in other areas increases.

So the mindset should not be this: “As I have liposuction, I can now over-eat, and just get another liposuction when I gain.”

This is not right. Conducting liposuction is already hazardous, releasing between 8-10 pounds of body fat in a single day. If you are a patient with obesity, working with a nutritionist who will help manage calorie levels through diet and workout is recommended.

Many post-liposuction complications arise from pressing the bounds of the operation beyond what is safely set. A successful liposuction procedure is where the patient is glad with the improved body contour. Liposuction helps a person attain an optimal point of aesthetics, though this does not necessarily mean cutting one’s size from 8 to 4.

After liposuction, a patient may still be viewed plump or on the heavier side relative to other people who are slim, but the fact that there is an improved contour signifies liposuction has been a success.

For the permanent effects of a successful liposuction, patients are encouraged to take care of their body by eating healthily and working out regularly.