June 2, 2013

Why Fractional Laser Works Well For Acne Scars

pimple-scar-treatmentAcne scars are formed from repeated inflammation and injury to the facial skin, as a result of acne. Once the scar tissue forms on the face, the uneven skin tone and the pitted, scarred appearance will be very difficult to undo using traditional methods. Laser treatment has been established as one of the effective ways to resurface uneven, scarred skin.

Early treatment techniques

The earlier techniques for laser treatment involved ablative lasers that removed a significant portion of skin. This worked, but had a very long down time and carried with it high risks such as infections, causing unwanted pigmentation, etc. More gentle lasers were developed, but did not achieve the same results as the ablative lasers. In fact, very often, the results were hardly noticeable. The advent of fractional laser technology solved both problems mentioned above. It was ablative enough to stimulate noticeable collagen remodeling, and yet, still relatively gentle due to the fractional component.

What is Lutronic eCO2 fractional laser technology?

Instead of the laser treating the entire surface of the skin at the same time, the Lutronic eCO2 treats only parts of the skin, while skipping other parts. This enables the laser to punch deep into the dermis, without having to affect the entire surface of the skin. The result? Less downtime, much lower unwanted side effects and risks, and yet, visible results.


The Lutronic fractional eCO2 laser is very popular for treating acne and chicken pox scars. The down time of about 5 days is highly acceptable to patients, who appreciate the improvements to their skin after just one treatment session. Patients typically experience a 30 to 50% improvement of the treated area, using objective photography and subjective feedback. They find that most importantly, the acne scarring is not as obvious as before, the uneven scars are much smoother. The skin is also more taut, and pore size is much more refined.

Do ask for fractional eCO2 resurfacing laser for a gentle, yet effective way to treat acne scars.