June 2, 2013

Sculptra Filler

As we age, the collagen and fatty content beneath our facial skin will thin down. This makes us look tired, saggy and aged. The lines also become more apparent as a result. The traditional way of addressing this issue is to inject dermal fillers where the lines appear. While this is instantaneous and remains a very popular treatment option, it does not solve the problem of a diffusely aged face. Some patients feel that as they age, this gaunt look adds to their actual age.

With Sculptra Aesthetic’s poly-L Lactic Acid (PLLA) filler, we have solved this problem of diffuse aging. Sculptra is a FDA approved product for use on the face to stimulate collagen synthesis. Injected like a filler, it triggers the body’s natural mechanisms to safely produce new collagen. What you can expect is a slow but natural way to a younger you. It will take a few months to notice the results. Your face will appear refreshed, fuller. And this is what a lot of patients are raving about: a natural way to start looking younger without too dramatic an effect that may draw unwelcome notice.

Depending on individual needs, we use between 1 to 2 vials of Sculptra for the face. And patients are recommended to undergo another session 3 months down for maximal correction. Results will last up to 2 years.

Sculptra. Used extensively in Europe and USA and a new way to achieve a younger, rejuvenated look without the risks of surgery.